Tumblr Gets Its Own Ticker With Real Time Notifications To Increase Engagement [Updates]

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Real-time notifications were one of the missing pieces for Tumblr and now it has gone ahead and added it to the dashboard. The idea is to increase user engagement with those one follows on Tumblr. Real-time notifications are a social feature of networking sites like Facebook and they, based on one’s viewpoint, fall on two sides of a debate – they are useful and keep you in the loop; or they are incredibly annoying.

In the case of Tumblr, they could be the former because as a blogging platform, Tumblr often feels relatively static compared to the bustle of Facebook. With the notifications streaming in, the blog could feel more alive as you won’t have to manually refresh the page each time to catch up with what’s breaking around you. Whether it ends up being a blot on the Tumble landscape will be judged by user feedback and how many users choose to turn it off from the Settings. Yes, that’s the good news – if you don’t like it, just switch it off.

Tumblr announced the arrival of real-time notifications with a short announcement and an animated GIF showing off its ticker:

Check this out! We’re testing real-time notifications from people you follow. You should start to see them in the next few hours (and can toggle them on your Settings page). Enjoy!

Are you on Tumblr? Like it or hate it, tell us what the change would mean for your experience.

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Source: Tumblr Staff

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Diane Elhard

Not on mine yet. :( I think it will be helpful.

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