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YouTube is used by countless Internet users to stream all sorts of videos. One thing that YouTube’s interface could definitely use is easily usable hotkey shortcuts. For Google Chrome users, this feature can be incorporated into YouTube through a tool called tubeStop.

shortcuts to youtube

tubeStop improves the interface usability of YouTube by adding hotkey shortcuts to YouTube. With the extension installed, you can visit any YouTube video page and use the spacebar to pause / play the video being streamed. The volume can be raised or lowered using CTRL+Up and CTRL+Down respectively. CTRL+Left plus CTRL+Right let you skip to previous and next tracks in the current playlist being played.

Furthermore, the extension plays the highest quality video by default.


  • A user-friendly browser extension.
  • Compatible with Google Chrome.
  • Adds hotkey shortcuts to YouTube.
  • Use spacebar to easily pause / play videos.
  • Use hotkeys to change YouTube video volume level.
  • Use hotkeys to jump to next / previous tracks in YouTube playlist.

Check out tubeStop @


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