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Do you want to embed a video player with a playlist on your blog or site? If you are planning to type up the required code, then I have some great news for you: all the time spent on typing up the code can now be saved simply by using TubeSnack.

free embeddable video player,

TubeSnack is a web service that provides a free embeddable video player for your blog or site. The video player has its own unique URL that can be shared with friends so they can view the videos on TubeSnack’s own site as well. This URL can be emailed to friends and shared over social networks. You start by creating an account and then choosing a template for your video player.

embeddable video player

The next step is to add the videos. These can be any video from YouTube or any other site, as long as the video is in MP4 or FLV file format. When you are done adding the URLs of the videos, you can get the player’s embeddable code. The direct URL of the video page can be quickly posted to numerous social networks using built-in buttons on the site.


The site monitors the number of views on your video player’s page and displays the stats to you graphically.

TubeSnack offers free and paid packages. The video player in the free package displays a watermark for the first 8 seconds while playing a video. But this will not be much of a bother to most people.


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