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Ever wanted to share a funny YouTube clip with a friend but it’s at 1:32 into the video? TubeChop allows you to skip right to the good stuff and share it.

TubeChop - cut Youtube videos

Example Scenarios:

1. You’re writing a blog about the 2008 Presidential debate on your blog and you would like to reference a certain statement made by either candidate. Youtube has tons of videos available for this debate but chances are, it’s not the section you would like to write about. will allow you to chop the exact statement from the debate footage and share that segment in a embeddable player right on your blog.

2. You found a really funny joke by a comedian on YouTube Watch Your Favorite Stand Up Comedians Online on Youtube Watch Your Favorite Stand Up Comedians Online on Youtube Read More but the video is 8:00 minutes long. Jump over to TubeChop and easily chop out that joke and share it with your friends.


Feature List:

  • Chop segments from YouTube videos and share.
  • Embed chopped videos on your blog or website
  • Easily locate videos by entering direct YouTube URL or search on site.
  • Similar website: Splicd.

Check out TubeChop @

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  1. Gary Mienato
    October 21, 2008 at 1:13 am

    No thanks, I will stick to splicd. ChopTube doesn't always seem to work.