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With medium or large companies, timesheets cannot be managed on paper and creating them in Excel is just too time-consuming. What is required is an app that offers easily customizable timesheets that work equally well for employers and employees. TSheets is precisely that application.

workplace timesheet

TSheets is a web service that offers you timesheet services online. Amongst its features include a real-time punch clock that can be used through a computer or your smartphone devices. Times can be clocked in manually as well in the familiar spreadsheet-like interface. You can add an unlimited of job levels i.e. subtasks within main tasks. Holiday options and day offs can be easily set.

In case you require new fields for tasks unique to your company, you can add custom fields and fulfill your requirement.


Other useful features of the app include employee alerts, text message support, Twitter integration, and daily backups. The site has payment plans beginning from $10 per month; a free plan with basic features is also offered in case you would like to try the service before you move on to its full features.



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