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jetpack joyrideIf you’ve never heard of the classic Helicopter game, you’ve been missing out on some classic game history. While it was (or still is) extremely fun to play, it is quite simple and is definitely lacking for today’s standards when it comes to features and other awesome extras.

However, we won’t have to stay stuck with those games, as new ones are constantly being created. There’s a fantastic new game out on the market which is similar to Helicopter but adds some highly interesting twists.

About Jetpack Joyride

jetpack joyride
Jetpack Joyride is a game from the creators of Fruit Ninja, and is available for Android and iOS devices in which the player attempts to “escape” from a lab and last as long as possible before hitting some sort of obstacle. It’s impossible to literally escape from the lab, as the scoring is based on the distance you’ve gone. There are plenty of customizations which you can add to your in-game character, as well as other items which can become useful during gameplay.


jetpack joyride game
Starting the game is about as simple as it could possibly get. Once the game has loaded, all you have to do is tap on the main screen, and the game begins. You are a character who, with a jetpack, tries to avoid zappers, missiles, and lasers while collecting coins, spin tokens, vehicles, and distance. The game ends whenever you hit an obstacle and die.

jetpack joyride game


jetpack joyride game
Missions are special assignments in which you must complete certain tasks in order to receive achievements. These missions can range from “high fiving” scientists to getting enough close calls to zappers and missiles.


Spin Tokens

jetpack joyride android
Spin tokens allow you to gain bonuses at the end of each game. For each spin token that you collect, you can pull the lever on a “slot machine” which includes different bonuses such as a head start on your next game, double coins on your next game, an extra life on your current game, extra coins to complete the game, and different explosives which can send your dead body further through the lab to give it one final “push” that adds to your distance.


jetpack joyride android
Whenever you hit a rainbow-colored box with a gear icon on it, you will receive a vehicle, which differs each time. Vehicles can include the prophet bird, Mr. Cuddles the Dragon, a gravity suit, a teleporter, bad-as hog, and stomper. Each vehicle has its own unique powers, such as breathing fire or reversing gravity. Mastering these different vehicles can greatly better your score. Additionally, whenever you hit an obstacle while you’re in a vehicle, the vehicle will fall into pieces while you come out unharmed. You’ll die if you hit an obstacle a second time, unless you gain another vehicle.


jetpack joyride android
You can buy different gadgets which give your character extra advantages. These gadgets range from coin magnets to X-ray specs to shoes that make you jump like Superman. As you buy more gadgets, better ones will become unlocked, which you can then purchase with coins. While you can purchase as many gadgets as your coin total allows, you may only equip up to two gadgets to your character at one time.


jetpack joyride
Coins can be used for items in “The Stash”, which include character customizations and upgrades to vehicles and jetpacks. You can also buy different utilities which give you head starts, blasts to increase your distance, and quick revivals. You can also use coins to unlock missions if you find it too difficult to do the normal way. You can also buy coins with real currency to progress through the game more quickly.


Installation is only a few taps away! In your respective app store, search for “jetpack joyride” and install. It should be the first (and most popular) search result that appears. If you would like, you can follow this link for Android users to get directly to the app, or this link for iOS users. The game isn’t too large, so it shouldn’t take long to download and install. The game is free, so there shouldn’t be an excuse for you to not try it out!


While it may not quite seem like it at first, this game is truly addicting and can keep you entertained for hours on end as you try to best yourself over and over while completing missions. One of the ultimate goals of continuous play is to try to upgrade your vehicles to their golden versions, which requires a very large amount of coins. However, with enough commitment, nothing is impossible!

Did you like the original Helicopter game? Which game genre do you prefer the most on mobile devices? Let us know in the comments!

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