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There are numerous occasions in which one could benefit from having remote access to their mobile phone data. The most useful scenario is when your phone has been stolen and you want to check out the recently travelled places or taken photographs from the phone. Another scenario is when you want to monitor the activity of your children and see which URLs they have visited on their phones.

Whatever your purpose is, you will find TruSpy to be a service to remotely access the data on your phone.


With TruSpy, you start by signing up for an account on the site and then installing the phone app for your iOS or Android smartphone. Once this is done and your app is linked with your account, data is silently uploaded to the TruSpy server for you to access. This data includes contacts, web history, photos, call data, text messages, GPS data, and more.

All of this data is accessible from the web interface of TruSpy. The interface also shows you the most recent data synchronization date.

TruSpy: Upload Data From Your Phone To a Secure Server To Track Phone Activity (Free Licences) TruSpy1


TruSpy is a paid service. It comes with a 48 hour trial but its paid plans begin from $1.14 per day. But a one year subscription will cost you only $0.33 per day. The app’s developers have also offered five 3-month licenses to the first MakeUseOf readers who comment on this post and share it on Facebook.


  • A user-friendly web service.
  • Lets you remotely access your smartphone data.
  • Has applications for iOS and Android smart devices.
  • Lets you access photos, URLs, call data, SMS data, and application data.

Check out TruSpy @

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