Yes, It’s True: Google Added “Six Degrees To Kevin Bacon” As A Built-In Search Feature [Updates]

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Have you ever played “six degrees to Kevin Bacon”? If not, you’re missing out on hours of entertainment. This week, something truly amazing happened: Google added this awesome game as a search option. Now, when you search for “Bacon number [name]”, you get that person’s Bacon number, along with the actual connections that led Google to that result.

So what is a Bacon number? The game originated almost 20 years ago, and treats actor Kevin Bacon as being the center of the entertainment world (if not the universe). Every other actor, actress or entertainer gets a “Bacon number” according to the number of jumps needed to get from him/her to Kevin Bacon, using movies and TV shows. Sounds vague? Here is an example from the newly added Google feature:

The Bacon number feature is based on Google’s newly released Knowledge Graph, and according to New York Magazine, is not as accurate as other websites utilizing IMDb for the same purpose. The inaccuracies occur mainly when the connections to Kevin Bacon occur in small cameos and very small parts. As long as you stick to people from the entertainment world, the answers you get should be accurate.

While the game does get more interesting once you start looking for connections between two random people, it’s still hours of fun just finding connections to Kevin Bacon. Google’s new feature should be used as a cheat or an answer checker, more than a game by itself. After all, where’s the fun in getting the answer while you type?

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Have you heard of “six degrees to Kevin Bacon” before? What do you think of Google’s new addition?

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Dave Parrack

There’s no better reason to love Google than this. Awesome.


Timothy Liem

well, I still love Google all the way. Bing sucks.


Christopher Webb-Orenstein

It seems like they are a bit late to the game don’t you think?

Yaara Lancet

Old game, but still a cool feature for a search engine. :)

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