Find The Ranks Of Twitter Users

On Twitter, every user wants to get as many reputable followers as possible. But how does one exactly measure the reputation of Twitter users? The answer is, whether you want to find your own Twitter reputation or somebody elses.

trtme Find The Ranks Of Twitter Users is a web tool that measures the Twitter reputation of a user. Normally tools rank users simply based on the number of their followers. However gives a higher rank to users with high-ranked followers. The service can be used to find a user’s rank by typing in their name on the site. For Chrome users, offers an extension for a more convenient user experience.

trtme1 Find The Ranks Of Twitter Users

The Chrome extension of displays the rating of Twitter accounts inline on their profiles. This way you do not have to leave your Twitter page, head on over to the site, and type in users’ names; instead, you can simply visit their Twitter page.


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