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computer name ideasNetwork and computer names are visible to anyone within the respective environment. Hence they make great subjects for sending messages, confusing other people in the network, or showing off your geekiness. Why use a default SSID or follow a boring name convention, if you could have some fun?

Ever since I bought my first laptop in 2003, I named my devices after a life goal or a geographical destination. My current laptop carries the name Yukon, a Canadian territory I have yet to visit. I continued the tradition with WiFi network and portable hotspot names. There was never a clever point, it was just my way of personalizing my devices.

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  • Direct your family and friends to the right WiFi network.

computer name ideas

Just don’t be too pragmatic and reveal the password via the SSID. That could invite undesired guests.

  • Pick a cool network name.

network name ideas

network name ideas


Pretty fly for a WiFi

  • Send a message to your annoying neighbor.

network name ideas

  • Send a message back to your oh-so-clever neighbor.

Your grammar is more annoying

You get the idea. No one knows your network like you do. Have some fun and come up with a suitable network name.

You can find more awesome WiFi names on wifilol.

Of course you might want to hide your WiFi network How to Hide Your Wi-Fi Network & Prevent It From Being Seen How to Hide Your Wi-Fi Network & Prevent It From Being Seen Wireless networks are inherently less secure than wired networks. Is that why you want to hide your router? We'll show you how to do that and how to really secure your network. Read More to increase security. Especially if you actually managed to piss off a neighbor skilled enough to crack your WiFi How Easy Is It to Crack a Wi-Fi Network? How Easy Is It to Crack a Wi-Fi Network? Whether you're a computer novice or a pro-level geek, you probably have some idea about Wifi security. You know that you need to have some kind of password, and you also know that there's a... Read More for revenge. If you suspect that someone is stealing your WiFi How To Check If Someone Is Stealing Your WiFi & What You Can Do About It How To Check If Someone Is Stealing Your WiFi & What You Can Do About It Read More , lock it up!

Clever Computer Names

When a friend of mine got a new black computer, she was very excited about naming it. She loves Pirates of the Caribbean, so she named her laptop Black Pearl. If you’re a wannabe Internet pirate, that’s a brilliant name. My friend, however, has no clue. I hope network admins won’t take the name seriously.

Black Pearl Laptop

Here are some more computer name ideas:

  • My Precious
  • Significant Other
  • Hal

If you have several devices in your network, you could set up a name scheme. For example you could rank devices by size and name them after planets in the solar system; the smallest would be called Mercury. Just don’t call any of them Uranus!

computer naming ideas

In case planets or stars are not your thing, you could choose characters from cartoons, movies, novels, or celebrities, superheros, birds, trees, mountain peaks, cloud formations, elements of the periodic table, etc. The possibilities are endless and here is a whole list of names to make sure you don’t miss any potential option. You might even end up a little more educated by accident.

If you are managing a whole park of various devices, you could use a different name convention for each device type. For example desktop computers could be called after types of stone, while laptops could carry bird names. Instead of going by device type, you could also go by user.

Get Some Help From Computer Namer

If you can’t come up with a creative name or if you just can’t decide, try Computer Namer. This little web app has a list of random names. It’s instant inspiration! Geyser made me think of Yellowstone National Park and now I wonder whether there is a device I could rename Old Faithful.


How To Change Your WiFi Network Name

This one depends on how you access your WiFi router. Typically, you need to physically connect to the router via a LAN cable and then log into the admin panel by opening the router IP address in your browser. The default IP address for Linksys or Netgear routers for example is The default login data are often noted on the router or can be found online. The publicly displayed network name or SSID (service set identification) can be changed under Wireless Settings.

computer naming ideas

How To Change Your Device & Portable Hotspot Name In Android

The following description is for Android 4.1 on a Samsung Galaxy device. The exact steps may vary depending on your version of Android. Essentially, go to your home screen, open Settings and find the setting Tethering and portable hotspot. For me it’s located under More settings… below the Wireless and network header.

computer naming ideas

Select Portable Wi-Fi hotspot and click Configure in the bottom right. Now change the Network SSID and click Save when you’re done.

Rename Android Hotspot

How To Change Your Computer Name In Windows 7

Click the Start button and open the Control Panel. If the Control Panel is not listed in your Start menu, you can search for it instead. Then go to System and Security, and open System. Click Change settings next to your computer name.

computer name ideas

In the window that comes up, click Change… in the bottom right of the Computer Name tab, enter a new computer name, click OK, and reboot your computer.

Change Windows 7 Computer Name

How To Change Your Computer Name In Windows 8

Changing the computer name in Windows 8 works almost the same as Windows 7. The only difference is how you get to the Control Panel. Hover into a hot corner on your screen and select Search from the menu. Switch to Apps and find the Control Panel option under Windows System.

computer name ideas

Then proceed as described above for Windows 7.

Take Home Message

Names are a great source of fun. Use them wisely.

What did you call your computer? And if you have cool computer name ideas or conventions for devices at work, what are they?

Image credits: WiFi via Shutterstock, Planets via Wikipedia

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