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Tricider is a cool web based service that makes group brainstorming on any topic really easy. Quick too because it doesn’t ask you to register. Just enter the topic where it says “What do you want to decide?” and hit go. On the next page, you can propose a solution and add your name as well as your argument in favor of the proposed solution.

All of these appear in columns. Then friends can be invited via email or Facebook to participate in the discussion. Comments can be added too. All in a simple and easy to understand interface.

group brainstorming

As you can see in the screenshot above, the way it shows the proposed solutions, arguments and who voted for what makes it easy to arrive at a decision. Definitely worth trying out if you looking for a quick virtual brainstorming session with a group of friends.


  • Online group brainstorming tool.
  • No need to register.
  • Invite by email or share on Facebook.
  • Similar tools: ProConLists, Thinkmeter, Hunch, and Zapproved.

Check out Tricider @


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