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TrendCounter provides a number of free site counter widgets. The counters show the number of visitors has received and are really easy to embed. In addition, each counter can be quickly customized to match the look and feel of the website. No registration required to get the counter widget.

The counter starts counting visitors as soon as it is added to the site. Clicking on the counter bring up live overview of visitor. View visitor profiles by county, check visitor statistic over time, visualize data on graphs, see forecasts and pageviews.

site counter widget

counters for website

See sample counter below:

free counter



  • Free visitor counters for website or blog.
  • Simile and easy to embed.
  • Customize counter in terms of design, color and font.
  • Shows detailed overview of your visitor statistics.
  • Similar tools: 99counters,, FlagCounter and FeedJit.

Check out TrendCounter @

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