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Trello is a unique online collaboration tool which helps users perform tasks in a productive manner. Users can create boards, add lists and cards which contains description about the tasks, share the tasks with a group of people and work on it in real time, add labels and more.

effective online collaboration

To use the service, users must sign up for a free account and activate it. Once activated, users can create boards for specific tasks and add people associated with the specific task. They can vote on cards on the board, comment and manage them in real time. Users can even add checklists to their tasks which can be managed by assigned members and notifications can be sent to the team leader once the task is complete.


Users can track the activity on the board through Trello’s user friendly interface and monitor who is making changes on the board.


  • Free and easy to use.
  • User friendly interface.
  • Manage tasks using cards.
  • Add checklists to tasks.
  • Collaborate and manage tasks.

Check out Trello @

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