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Freelancers often have to closely monitor how long they have been working on a project because they often get paid by the hour. But rather than manually keeping a track of the minutes you have spent on a task and then multiplying the time with your working rate, you can make things much more convenient by using a website called Traxmo.

automatically create invoice

Traxmo is a web service targeted at freelancers and small teams. The site lets you add tasks to your agenda and record how much time you have spent on each task. After specifying what your working rate is, you can have the website automatically generate invoices for your work; currency options include US Dollar, Euro, Lithuanian Litas, Poland Zloty, and Russian Rouble.

Additionally, the site lets you add up to 4 other members to your project for free; once others are added, you can assign specific tasks to them. Comments can be left on tasks to communicate with one another.

The free project limits the group members to 5, clients to 5, projects to 5, and invoices to 5. The premium package removes these limits and will cost you $5 per month.



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  1. Mary Kate
    October 15, 2012 at 9:57 am

    We are a team of freelancers working from different parts of the world. What we are using is a time tracking software called Time Doctor ( It does everything we need for monitoring our work hours. It's like giving an analytics of our workday. You can check that out too.