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All of us have been in situations where we miss our bus or train stop because we fell asleep or were too engrossed in our music or book. TravAlert is an app that saves you from missing your stop by setting an alarm specific to your destination. Once you download the app for your iPhone, Android or BlackBerry, you can enter your destination and specify how many minutes/miles prior to the destination you want the alarm to go off.

The alarm can be a vibration, a ring or your favorite song from your iTunes library. All the destinations you enter can be saved so next time you don’t have to type them in again. The app continuously displays how far away you are from your destination and gives you a chance to stop the alarm before it goes off.

miss bus stop

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  • Set an alarm for specific time/distance from your destination and never miss stops again.
  • Wakes you up so you don’t miss your stop.
  • Works on iPhone (3GS+), Android and BlackBerry
  • The app cost 1,99 $.

Download TravAlert from

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