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Simple and straight to the point is probably the best way to describe Trasir. Start this little webpage up and you’ll see as much identifiable information about your computer as can be found. This includes your IP address, your host name, your country, your city, your coordinates (roughly), the date and time of day where you are, the browser you’re using, your operating system, your language and the URL that brought you to  Trasir.

If this sounds like too much information, you’re getting the idea: every website you visit can potentially find out this much about you unless you take proper precautions.

look-up ip address

The site also allows you to do a quick look-up of any other IP you might stumble upon, certainly useful in certain situations but not something you can’t do on other sites.

What puts Trasir ahead of these, however, is the sparkly-clean interface and the almost total lack of advertisement: but a single Amazon referral link generates revenue for the service. Overall a site worth using when you need to quickly look up an IP – or see whether or not your proxy is actually hiding you.



Check out Trasir @

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  1. Wildhack
    August 1, 2010 at 3:40 pm

    Says my browser is "Safari 9.80" when it's "Opera 10.60" and set to "identify as Opera" (the choices are for me to identify it as Opera, Firefox, or IE). Strange, and that's not good...