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TrapCall is a service that allows you to you view blocked Caller ID of an anonymous caller. It requires no software or hardware downloads, works with any cellphone and currently available to AT&T and T-Mobile subscribers in US, with support for other major carriers promised within weeks. Basic service is free, which includes unmasking blocked numbers and blacklisting unwanted callers. Paid plans include additional features like Voicemail transcriptions, Toll free support, Missed calls alerts and more, with 15 days Trial for each plan.

How it works:

  1. Sign up with the service
  2. Key in provided numbers in your cellphone
  3. When you a receive a call from a blocked number, just reject it.
  4. The number is sent to the company server, unmasked and sent back to your voicemail.

 view blocked caller id


  • Reveal blocked phone number of the caller.
  • No need to download additional software or hardware.
  • Use basic service free or sign up for paid plans for additional features.
  • Works with all cellphones, supported by AT&T and T-Mobile. Other carriers to follow.
  • Currently available only in the US

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