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If you are looking for a good translation tool for Firefox then you might want to give this add-on called Translate This! a try. It’s a simple tool that gets the job done effectively and also offers some extras. It uses Google Translate and you can translate specific text on the page or the entire page using it. You could also directly translate a link without opening it by using the “Translate this! – Link” option in the right-click menu.

quickly translate text

The settings of the add-on offers 2 options. First, the ability to set the default language code and whether to open the translated page in a new or the same tab and secondly, the ability to set a keyboard shortcut.

Overall, a handy utility for those who use Firefox and who have to do translation related tasks frequently.


  • Translate specific text or entire webpages.
  • Add-on for Firefox.
  • Uses Google Translate to get the job done.

Check out Translate This @

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