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Normally QR code generators only let you encode a static QR code. But what if you want to change that QR code later or track the number of people who have scanned it? For that, you need to check out a web service called TrakQR.

create dynamic qr codes

TrakQR is a web service that lets you create, manage, and track multiple dynamic QR codes. Anytime you want to move on to a new campaign, you can change the destination of your already created QR codes instead of forming new ones. These codes can correspond to anything, from a tweet to a map location.

dynamic qr code generator,

The scans of these codes are tracked and displayed on a chart. You can also opt to receive email and SMS notifications of your QR codes’ activity.



NOTE: Currently TrakQR is in closed beta and an invitation is sent to people who request it by providing their email address on the service’s website.


Check out TrakQR @

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