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The Internet is a huge place and includes texts in various languages. To translate foreign texts into your own language, you can use any one of the many translator tools available online. But if you want a direct link to the translated text, you should check out a service called Tradukka Translate.

tradukka translate

Tradukka Translate is a free to use online language translation tool. It can translate single words or entire sentences with appropriate grammar, wherever possible. The original language of the text can be automatically detected, if you paste it into the translation field. Translation occurs quickly and the translated text appears right next to the original text. A button in the bottom right labeled “Link” provides a direct URL that shows the visitor the original text and the translated text. The “Define” button in the bottom right looks up words using the Tradukka Dictionary.


Check out Tradukka Translate @ 

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  1. Rosario Silva
    January 7, 2015 at 5:12 pm

    great tool! thanks!