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Today almost everybody you know has a smartphone. When you attend an event with one of your friends or family members, there is a good chance that you will all be taking photographs through your phone. You will then upload these images to a variety of networks and will possibly be missing out on others’ images of the same event. Here to help you discover those images you otherwise might have missed is a tool called Tracks.


Tracks is a smartphone application that comes for Android and iOS devices. The application lets you take pictures and upload them by sorting them into various events. You can create photo ‘tracks’ to signify events and your friends can add easily add their own photos to your tracks. All people who can view the track can view all the uploaded images.

Image and photo filters are also offered in the smartphone apps to make your pictures more visually appealing.

Tracks: Upload Photos & Discover Friends Images Of Same Events [Android & iOS] photo

Recently, Tracks launched an online interface that enables you to log in to your Tracks account through a desktop web browser and view your images on a display larger than that of a smartphone’s.



  • A user-friendly phone app.
  • Also offers a web interface.
  • Helps discover images of same events.
  • Offers photo and video filters.

Check out Tracks @

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