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task life androidUnfortunately it has come to this. We have to depend on external applications to motivate us to move forward. But when the end justifies the means why split hairs over it? Especially, if these productivity apps help us break bad habits Your Smartphone Will Help You Kick The Habit: Quit Smoking With These Apps Your Smartphone Will Help You Kick The Habit: Quit Smoking With These Apps There is nothing easy about quitting smoking. Just like any addiction, it can take over your mind and make it next to impossible to move on with your life and kick the habit. Whether you... Read More , move towards new goals, and all those New Year resolutions we relegate to the backburner. What used to be ticked off on a calendar is now punched in on a smartphone.

Every journey begins with a single step; so goes the old cliché. But just as important is the second step…the third…and more. Habits are formed and goals are met when you have more successes moving forward than standing at one place. Some call it a habit streak or a chain. I look at it simply as staying the course. The general idea is to not break the streak.

When I am talking about habit streaks, I shouldn’t fail to mention Angela’s review of Habit Streak Pro Trouble Reaching Your Goals? Form A Habit Streak [Android] Trouble Reaching Your Goals? Form A Habit Streak [Android] Picking up new habits can be a difficult task, which is why numerous popular methods exist to help you manage it. If you regularly find yourself realising that your plan to take a daily morning... Read More . It has some things in common with the Android app we are going to discuss today. Not least of which is the fact that both are from the same developers and both follow the Jerry Seinfeld Chain Method towards productivity. (Angela’s post has a brief note on the method, so you can just go back and take a peek).

It’s All about Sticking to Routines with Task:Life

That’s the name of the game, and Task:Life is the guiding tool that could just help you establish a set of positive activities, steel yourself to do them each day, and hopefully within a few days find yourself in command of a new habit.

Task:Life is described as a performance tracker. It is a simple app that helps you set a few goals and gives you the support tools to track your progress each day and measure if you succeeded most of the time…or failed. Task:Life is a companion app to Habit Streak Pro and comes with a few more additional features. These features could help you plonk for this instead of the other app.

Download Task:Life – Task:Life is available for around $3 from the Google Play store.


You can set up Task:Life in about five minutes or so. After that, all it asks from you is an honest feedback at the beginning of the day.

Did You Succeed Yesterday?

That is the central premise of the Android app. The first step after installing Task:Life is to add your habits. As the screen tip says, it is better if you give the task question an affirmative angle. The screen also gives you a few examples to choose from…

task life android

Uniquely, Task:Life allows you to set a pass percentage. Normally, quite a few performance trackers or habit aids don’t leave room for off days. The ‘pass percentage’ allows you some breathing space and doesn’t turn your goals into a suffocating grind day in and day out. Give the pass percentage careful thought because this is the benchmark against which your performance will be measured.

Task:Life gives you a Reminder Alarm to set. This is the time of the day when Task:Life asks you about the previous day and how you fared. It displays as a silent notification and is not obtrusive. I usually set it for the time when I wake up. Punching in successes of goals achieved is a feel-good boost for the day that lies ahead.

task life android app

After setting a list of goals, here’s how it looks like on the first day on the eve of your journey towards your goals and spanking new habits.

task life android app

Give Task:Life the benefit of honest answers and try not to break your success streaks. After a few days run, here is what the screen will look like:

task life android app

The green colored bars on the side represent successful streaks. A different colored bar may represent relative or absolute failure depending how far you are away from your pass percentage. Task:Life goes one-up on Habit Streak Pro by giving you different ways to see your streaks and see motivation from the good runs. I like to go with the default Standard Mode which tracks my performance over all recorded days and not over just a week or a month. You can always change it on the fly though.

The Visual Performance Trackers

The visual ‘graphs’ of your achievements over the course of days serve as motivational injections. Task:Life gives you different types of views. For instance, the view below shows two screens for comparing progress and getting an idea of proportion. As you can see, I am slightly lagging with my exercise routines.

android task manager

You can also go to the level of a single task and track it more closely. You can check your progress over a week, 28 days, or overall with three specific graphs. The idea is to keep the red line over the yellow and not let it dip far south.

task life android

For the price of a coffee you could dramatically improve your life…

That’s a line I took from the app page and it just about sums up Task:Life. It is not an overtly dramatic app with bells and whistles. Task:Life keeps things simple and keeps out of your way. There are no annoying reminders and in your face notifications. Think of Task:Life as a success log Form Healthy Habits & Get Rid of Bad Ones With Success Log & Fail Log [Android 2.1+] Form Healthy Habits & Get Rid of Bad Ones With Success Log & Fail Log [Android 2.1+] Developing good habits and getting rid of bad ones can be tricky. Some people like to track their failures and try to see what causes them to slip up, such as "why did I have... Read More but a far simpler one than the preceding link lead you to.

It simply asks you to focus on goals and report back to it first thing in the morning. That is something I can do. I am sure you can too. Try out Task:Life and tell us if it’s worth the price of a coffee or more than that!

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