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stormpulse It’s that time of year again and hurricane season is creeping up on us fast. It seems as if the storms get worse each year. I heard about TS Hannah threatening us and is supposed to be reaching the Carolina’s this weekend! If you live in an area that frequently gets hit or if you are just a hurricane fanatic you will love this website I just found called Stormpulse.

No really there are people that watch and wait for this kind of stuff that terrorizes others! Remember the movie Twister?

But I digress…

So with Stormpulse, you can stay on top of and up to date with the latest storms forming over the Atlantic ocean. You will be able to find out all sorts of interesting information and track many tropical storms and hurricanes that threaten the US coast.

You’ll see loads of information on them, like the wind speed, category, pressure, movement, with beautiful graphics to keep the laymen entertained. You can watch where the storm will be moving by 6 and 12 hour intervals.

track storms


track hurricanes

Check out all this information that you can populate on your map:

track hurricanes online

Check out the full screen mode. This makes the site a highly interactive way for you to get your weather updates. They even update on what the Hurricane Center is saying about these storms.

Now I am far from being an expert on these matters but I think this site puts some amazing resources at any novices fingertips. By letting everyone keep up with what’s going on maybe we can help prevent storms from sneaking up on people. Probably not but hey we can hope right?!

This has been a Make Use Of Public Service Announcement! :)

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