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1daylater_logoIf you want to take control of your life, there are certain areas that require persistent tracking.  In order to track your life and make appropriate changes, you need to know what’s going on and to do that you need to track what’s going on.

Some people need to get a handle on their time (tools to track time wasted online 5 Tools to Track How Much Time You Waste While Online 5 Tools to Track How Much Time You Waste While Online Read More ).  Others need to better control their finances (tools for tracking expenses and budgeting 15 Cool Tools for Easy Expense Tracking and Budgeting 15 Cool Tools for Easy Expense Tracking and Budgeting Tracking your expenses and budgeting are two crucial parts of being financial healthy. These 15 apps make it easy to do both. Read More ).  There are also other resources that other people need to track.  These days there are tools that help in this task of tracking life’s intricacies but many of them are too complex for the needs of the everyday person.  We need something simple that we’ll actually learn and use for it to be a help.

track your life

That is why I would like to introduce you to a new start up you can use to track your life called 1DayLater.  The creators of 1DayLater originally started the project to help them track their valuable time as freelancers.  It turned out to be a tool simple enough that anyone can use and benefit from.

In my opinion a useful tool has two attributes : usability and benefit.  Let me show you how 1DayLater fits both of those attributes when it comes to tracking life.


Signing Up & Registering Is Virtually Painless!

track your life

The easier a website makes signing up and registering the better.  Obviously they should take security precautions but when they make it so complicated that you need to consult a help file or forums just to figure out how to register, they need to back off a bit.  1DayLater made the process a cinch by asking only the basics (there’s also a line for your phone number but it’s only optional).

Signing In Is A Cinch!

track your life online

Once again, going with the “easier is better” philosophy, 1DayLater hits the nail on the proverbial head with the login process!  Email-password, bing!  You’re in!

Track Your Life With a Log!

life tracker

Once logged in you are faced with the opportunity to begin logging your life!  To begin with, you can start logging your time by hitting the “start timer” button.  When you stop the timer, the time is automatically entered into the “value” field which can tell what kind of measurement you are trying to log.  You can also manually enter measurements into this field.  You can log measurements such as time, money and mileage.  Then you can tag the lot with a label in the “project/client” field and add the date and a note to finish off the log.  It’s all pretty straight forward.

Glance At Your Latest Activities

life tracker

As you log your life, you can get a quick look at the activities you are logging.  They are sorted by date and project / client tag (which you can assign your own colors to in order to have a visual to keep them separate here and in the charts in the analysis area).  Here you also have the ability to edit the logs and delete them altogether. Very handy!

A Visual Analysis Of Your Life

life tracker

There is also a nifty chart showing off time spent on different projects.  This could be key to getting an overall idea of where your time is going.  I didn’t see charts for mileage or money so I personally hope they are also incorporated too.

The Future Of 1DayLater COULD Be In Your Hands!

All I am saying is that they are a new start up and are working hard on new features!  For instance, they have released the ability to export data into a spreadsheet and are working out the bugs there.  They are also working on the ability to output to invoices and mileage claims as well as some apps.  As a new start up, they have been smart enough to offer a feedback forum to share what you would like to see them develop and a voting system to vote on other people’s ideas using Uservoice.

Right now 1DayLater is free but in the future there may be some features that will not be.

Let us know what you think about 1DayLater as a new start up.  Also, how do you track your life?

  1. Munkypint
    February 17, 2010 at 6:03 am

    Great idea. But I do worry about having too much financial information in the cloud. Would rather have an app on myy computer or mobile

  2. timmyjohnboy
    February 17, 2010 at 5:32 am

    Yeah, and perhaps 1DayLater, as a new start up, could also learn some tricks from Google too. Good analysis though and thanks for the tips!

  3. amchi
    February 16, 2010 at 4:20 pm

    Nice to know there's a need to journal one's life and people are creating some apps to help with that. I use the Google calendar to journal my activities (started just 2 months ago). It helps me with tracking when I gave my car to service (what was the problem, how much did it cost etc.), when did I service my furnace, when did I buy any big ticket items, and the most important - when did I order Dish/Cable (when to cancel the promo package, when to call back to renew in with a promo offer). I like the fact that the calendar can be used to hold your appointments - which help to fill in the details for that time. But I liked the visual analysis chart in 1DayLater.. maybe google could learn something out of that..

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