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Are you looking for an easy way to go over some code with a fellow collaborator on your own website? If yes, then you should check out a site called TowTruck.


TowTruck is a tool offered by Mozilla to developers. The tool is basically something that can be used to browse the Internet with friends in real time. However, since it can be incorporated only in your own website, the tool is primarily targeted at developers who want to collaborate with their team members and help explain something to reviewers.

The function of the tool is to let you view each other’s mouse clicks, key strokes, and every other action on a webpage that has TowTruck enabled. To enable it on your own website, you simply add a few lines of JavaScript. People on your website will then be able to view a TowTruck button which they can click to enable the tool.

They will be required to type in a name and then share a given link with friends. People who visit this link will be able to share the session with a person using TowTruck.



Parties involved will be able to view what the other person is typing. They will also see the mouse pointer movement and when somebody clicks something, a red circle appears.

This easy to implement and easy to use tool makes collaboration on your website fun and a lot more productive than before.


Check out TowTruck @

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