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The Internet is addictive. There are no two ways about it. And with Internet access becoming ubiquitous on all kinds of devices, addiction to the Internet is only going to become a bigger problem.

These days, most people I know start their day not by checking their email, but by checking their facebook updates or reading their twitter stream and then keep coming back to these various websites throughout the day, hampering productivity.

If you are one of those people, ToVisitOrNot can help you control your website addiction by blocking access to any site for a predefined period of time. Just enter the URL of the site and select the duration you want it to be blocked for. Now, every time that you want to visit the site, do it through the URL that ToVisitOrNot gives you and you’ll see a message if you try to visit the site twice within the time duration that you chose. Simple and effective.

website addiction


  • Dead simple interface to create a URL for a site.
  • No need to even visit the site to create a URL.
  • Provision to override the time chosen and visit the URL if you really have to.
  • Similar tools: StayFocusd, MinutesPlease and KeepMeOut.

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