ToutApp: A Simple Email Management & Tracking Tool

Toutapp is an online email management and analysis tool that allows users to know what happens after they click the Send button on their e-mails. The tool is very helpful for users who send out daily emails, especially businesses, such as catalogues, daily promotions, offers, etc.

ToutApp   ToutApp: A Simple Email Management & Tracking Tool

Toutapp can also help users stay focused on their main goals and not worry about the email part – as features like Templates allow them to make a template and use that template for any future emails. They can also schedule and track their emails to know how many people clicked it and get more about the e-mail.

To get started, all a user has to do is make an account on Toutapp and choose the Package Plan according to their needs. Once the account is made, the user can create the e-mail template and start sending out emails and track them.


  • Track e-mails after they are sent – number of clicks, how many respond, etc.
  • Integrate with many different e-mail providers and CRMs (such as Gmail, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc).
  • Schedule emails.
  • Social media integration.
  • Similar tool: Fuser,

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