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TourMapr is a Google Maps mashup which music lovers will find very useful. In fact if you follow a band or an artist religiously, this is a must-bookmark site for you. It can show any artist or band tour plans and dates for the next few months plotted on a map.

band tour plan

On the left it asks you to enter the artist name. Once you hit enter, it shows four expandable tabs – Artist Info, Similar Artist, Tour Info and Links. Artist info gives you general information about the artist. Similar artist gives you links to tour plans of similar artists. Tour Info is the main tab where you find the tour plan which is plotted on the right. Click on a date and you get the tour details popped up on the map.

artists tour dates


  • See artists tour dates and plans on the map.
  • Tour info for the next few months covered.
  • Also get similar artists’ tour information.
  • Click on a tour date to know more about it.
  • Similar tool: OnePageArtist.

Check out TourMapr@


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