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While Google Glass hasn’t been released to the general public just yet, future users already have much to look forward to. Thanks to South Africa’s Tourism Radio latest Kickstarter Project, these users will be able to take their own personal tour guide with them wherever they go.

Announced on Tuesday, the company plans to release an app for Google Glass 10 Of The Best Google Glass Videos Shot So Far 10 Of The Best Google Glass Videos Shot So Far Google Glass may or may not change the world. It's really too early to tell. However, Google Glass is certainly an innovative new product with the capacity to change our idea of mobile devices. It's... Read More that will give users audio tours as they walk through global hotspots. Of course, this will only happen if Tourism Radio reaches its £35,000 goal by Sep. 5.

“This info plays automatically as the user travels past points of interest and general areas,” Chris Goldswain, project manager wrote on the Kickstarter page. “Imagine traveling through Barcelona, not being able to speak Spanish and missing out on a wealth of interesting information about the city around you.”

Tourism Radio already offers many apps for various smartphones that offer similar functionalities to the future Glass project. The company has also partnered with Renault and Land Rover to develop in-car travel guides.

The project will initially offer tours in New York, London, Rome, Paris, Barcelona, Berlin, San Francisco, Washington and Cape Town. Included languages will be mostly in English, German, Spanish and French. More locations and languages are expected to be included in the next eighteen months.


Tourism Radio for Google Glass has had a slow start with only £46 raised at press-time. Users can pitch in with just a £1 minimum pledge with optional access to several perks based on greater amounts.

Will you donate to Tourism Radio? Do you believe this app has a place in the Google Glass market?

Sources: Kickstarter via TechCrunch

Image Credits: Tiny planet Via Flickr

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