TorrentFly: Search 13 Torrent Sites at Once

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TorrentFly is a website that lets you search for torrents on twelve popular torrent sites at once. Torrent sites include Mininova, The Piratebay, Monova, Btjunkie and several others. You can further sort search results by torrent name, health, seeds, size, peers or torrent engine.

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TorrentFly search on 13 popular torrent sources. These are Sumotorrent, Mininova, Piratebay, Monova, Newtorrents, Seedpeer, Fenopy, Torrentz, Mybittorrent, Btjunkie, Torrenthound and Idealtorrent.


  • Search for torrents on 13 popular torrent sites simultaneously.
  • Sort search results by name, size, seeds, peers, and torrent engine.
  • Check out top searches.
  • Filters out torrents that are slow, fake or corrupt.
  • No registration needed.
  • Other torrent search engines: uSniff, LookTorrent, YouTorrent and NowTorrents.

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Love TorrentFly, great find!


Jimmy Rogers

Wow, no IsoHunt? Aren’t they a staple?


Danny Torrentz

Nice. TorrentFly is pretty cool. My other faves are &

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