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Do you want to know where your favorite iPhone app ranks among its peers? TopAppCharts is a website that indexes iphone app download rankings in the Apple App Store for the last 30 days. This app review website also helps you discover the latest and hottest apps so that you can quickly download them.

iphone app download rankings

From the homepage you can access the Big Debut, Big Jump, and Big Drop charts. You can also look for a specific app using the search box. The site features various categories such as books, lifestyle, news, weather, utilities and many more. The gaming apps are also categorized into action, puzzle, racing, sports, strategy, and so on. The site also provides a chart that shows the ranking progress of a particular app.

iphone app download rankings

You can also “Ëśfavorite’ or bookmark particular apps and see how they rank against each other. The site also lets you embed the TopAppCharts results on your website by providing a code, so that you can share the list to other people.

iphone app download rankings


  • Provides rankings for iPhone apps in the Apps Store.
  • Various categories for ranking.
  • Search for apps.
  • Displays charts that show the ranking progress of an app.
  • Bookmark apps.
  • Embed the rankings in your website.
  • Free, no signup is required.
  • Sort through free and paid apps.
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