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youtube video game reviewersIf you are developing an addiction to video gaming, there are several popular YouTube video game reviewers who will help feed your hunger for hours and hours. I’m a novice gamer, so I interviewed my 10 year-old son, the resident expert about PS3 and online gaming, who helped me locate YouTube reviewers that provide some of the best game previews and reviews, game playing strategies, and sheer video watching enjoyment.

The video reviewers on these channels use both hands-on demonstrations and provide detailed evaluations of the games they review. I’m sure there are many MUO-reading gamer enthusiasts and hardcore players out there that can chime in with their recommendations for other good YouTube reviewers, so please let us know your picks in the comments section below.

X-Play’s Channel

Part of the G4TV’s Channel network, hosts Adam Sessler and Morgan Webb, of the X-Play Channel, claim to cover the entire gaming industry. Their reviews include hands-on demos, breaking news, game previews, behind-the-scenes developer interviews and much more.

X-Play started on YouTube back in 2006, and it now has over 400,000 channel reviews, with nearly 50,000 subscribers. Their recent uploads include reviews of Thor: God of Thunder, Sonic Generations First-Look, and Uncharted 3: Drakes Deception.

IGN Channel

IGN Entertainment’s YouTube channel includes over 6,700 uploads, which is a small taste of their larger collection over at IGN. IGN joined YouTube back in 2006, and it now has 918,603 subscribers.

Among its current reviews are Prince of Persia Trilogy HD Video, Fast Five: Top 5 Things to Know, and Game of Thornes: Season 1: Episode 2.


My son’s favorite and most humorous reviewer is Matt Cuttie, who hosts Gamesweasel. His YouTube videos are a part of the Mevio Networks. Cuttie’s reviews also include news and reviews of the latest console and handheld games. His reviews are for young and old, casual gamers and hardcore enthusiasts.

His channel has over 28,000 subscribers, with over 318 uploaded videos. Recent reviews include Shift 2 Unleashed, Homefront, and Crysis 2.


Gamespot has well over 100,000 subscribers, and its recent uploads include an interview with Daniel Erickson, lead writer for Star Wars: the Old Republic, a critical review of Cargo: The Quest for Gravity, and a news update about Sony PSN, Xbox Live Phishing, Call of Duty: Black Ops-Escalation, and more.

Machinima’s Channel

Machinima seems to have the largest subscriber YouTube following, with over two million subscribers. It describes itself as the “online entertainment network showing trailers, game plays, montages and original series created in video games“.

Its recent uploads include exclusive episodes 1-3 of Mortal Kombat Legacy series, a review of Call of Duty Black Ops Trailer, and an IGDaily news segment about the recent PSN outage/hacker attack PlayStation Network Hacked, Personal Information Compromised [News] PlayStation Network Hacked, Personal Information Compromised [News] If you’re one of the 77 million registered users on Sony's PlayStation Network, your personal and confidential information may have been compromised during a security breach. According to Sony, they discovered an intrusion, and shut... Read More and a walkthrough of Shogun 2: Multiplayer.

These are only a taste, of course, of YouTube video game reviewers. Let us know some of your favorites and what makes them unique.

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