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Online powerpoint applications are among top productivity tools letting you create, edit and share .ppt (powerpoint) and some other presentation formats online. They’re extremely useful if you

  • need regular access to presentation files from different locations(for viewing, presenting or editing)
  • working on collaborative projects, with multiple people working in the same document
  • or just feel like doing things online

I have listed top 6 web based presentation tools, while all of them share some basic features of desktop powerpoint, there are some key differences…

Audio/Video incl.
Browser plugin
Shappes, Charts, etc
Clip Art Animat.
Thinkfree - create edit and share presentations online Yes No Firefox, IE Yes Yes Yes Yes 1GB (10 MB/file) Yes Yes
Thumbstacks - Online Powerpoint No No soon No No No unlim. No Yes
[NO LONGER WORKS] empressr not yet Yes No No Yes Yes 5 presentations No Yes
zoho show - web based office tools Yes No Firefox, IE No Yes No unlim. Yes Yes
[NO LONGER WORKS] spresent No Audio only No Yes Yes Yes unlim. No Yes
toufee No Yes No No Yes No no idea. No Yes

My Recommended: ZohoShow or Thinkfree

And finally I want to quickly go over ‘print to PDF’ feature which I think provided by only 2 of the above, however even if the option isn’t there you still can convert presentations to PDF using Adobe Acrobat’s print to PDF feature accessible from browser window (File->Print).

comments welcome

Tip: 12 tips for creating of better presentations by Stephanie Krieger(document production expert)


  1. Kaly
    December 15, 2006 at 7:03 pm

    Sasha, thanx lots for your detailed correction. I have 2 comments though;
    1. by import/export we meant functionality of uploading files from your PC and downloading them from server, and as I remember this option wasn't there, but glad it's comming.
    2. regarding the graphics engine used, well I agree that's vital point but the idea here was to introduce these tools to regular folks and not to compare the technology behind each.
    Anyways, as I said I am glad you guyz adding more features, I will definitely look into them once I update this post.

  2. Sasha
    December 15, 2006 at 5:52 pm

    Thanks. Interesting comparison.
    Here are the corrections for Spresent.
    - Import/export: HTML, EMBED, and SWF export (coming soon), PPT import (coming soon)
    - Audio/Video: Yes - any MP3 and SWF, including animations, audio, video even applications.
    - Browser plug-in: we think "No plugin required" should be an advantage, so any computer can be used.
    - Collaborate: in progress

    The key difference (not in the table) should be the graphics engine used. A powerful graphics enginge eventually makes all the difference for a presentation graphics.

    We use Flash - we just have not seen a better graphics engine for the Web yet.


  3. Aibek
    December 8, 2006 at 7:21 pm

    seems like I have missed your plugins somehow,my bet. I have corrected it now

  4. Jonathan Crow
    December 8, 2006 at 6:25 pm


    Thanks for the comparison. One minor correction, ThinkFree Show does have browser plug-ins for Firefox and IE. We also have a plug-in for WordPress and open APIs for developers. You can find out more information at

    We also have some really cool integration with Flickr, allowing you to insert images from Flickr's photo archive, Creative Commons, for publishing files with intelectual property protection, and more.


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