Top Free File Hosts To Store Your Files Online

documentsicon   Top Free File Hosts To Store Your Files Online Recently, the need for space has become immense. Files have become increasingly larger, there are more things to download and so on. Personally, I run out of space on multiple drives all the time. Maybe you are trying to get a file sent to someone, but it’s too large for an attachment on your email. Possibly you want to backup some files to download later or multiple times. That is why there are free file hosts that let you store your files online.

I have found numerous different file hosting companies, many of them that supply users with an extremely small amount of space or limited features. Here they are, in no particular order:

filedroppertap   Top Free File Hosts To Store Your Files Online1. Filedropper – Filedropper is amazing. All you need to do to upload a file is click “Upload” and select a file.

Many free file hosting sites give users the option to upload file of up to 100-150MB, yet Filedropper allows users to upload an amazing 5GB!

When you finish uploading a file, Filedropper gives you the link and the source code to add to a website, if you like.

fileqube   Top Free File Hosts To Store Your Files Online2. Fileqube – Fileqube is another free file hosting site. It has an awesome site design that definitely shows it’s intentions. It is also extremely fast. When you upload a file, a link is provided to download the file, a link to remove the file, and HTML code to add to a website, etc. Unfortunately, Fileqube only allows for uploads of up to only 150MB, yet most certainly one of the best.

myfreefilehosting1   Top Free File Hosts To Store Your Files Online3. MyFreeFileHosting- MyFreeFileHosting has an interface similar to MediaFire’s. It includes the option to send an notification email to someone to tell them of the upload, tags to categorize the file, etc. Of course, after one uploads the file, links are given to allow for download and distribution. The maximum file size allowed is 100MB.

fileden   Top Free File Hosts To Store Your Files Online4. Fileden – Fileden is one of the most useful file hosting services. Users are allowed to upload files, without an account, of files up to 100MB, yet you are allowed to register an account for free as well and receive unlimited diskspace, unlimited bandwith, the option to create projects, the ability to replace files, file statistics, project statistics, etc.

easysharelogo   Top Free File Hosts To Store Your Files Online5. Easyshare – Easyshare adds even more features to file hosting. Registering and uploading files occur quickly, with accounts allowing for downloading files multiple times. Unlike other free file hosts though, Easyshare pays users for their uploads. If your upload gets downloaded 10,000 times, you’ll apparently receive $20. If you have a personalized toolbar on your website, you can receive money from their uploads through that toolbar and if you refer another person to Easyshare you’ll receive 10% of their earnings.

Another neat thing about this site is the upload options. You can upload on the site from your computer, upload using an FTP server, upload using their free software, or use a remote upload from another server. The maximum file size for a free account is 100MB.

filefactorylogo   Top Free File Hosts To Store Your Files Online6. FileFactory – Filefactory is similar to all of the previous file hosts, except it supports the option to send a notification email to a person of an uploaded file. Unfortunately, Filefactory contains a large amount of ads if you do not receive the premium service. Yet, unlike the other file hosts, the maximum file size is 300MB which is a large amount per file in comparison. Similar to Easyshare, users are paid for each download they receive from a certain file.

badongologo   Top Free File Hosts To Store Your Files Online7. Badongo – Badongo is an exceptionally neat file host, and I would most certainly rate it as one of the best. As a unregistered user, you are allowed to upload up to 4.8GB a day and as a free, registered user, 12GB a day. To make it similar to Filedropper, Badongo allows users to upload files of a maximum size of 1GB. When you register with Badongo you even receive an account that stores all of your files of course, but also allows users to create picture albums out of the pictures they store. This brings even more wonderful features to this awesome site.

More features include the option to create an MP3 player on your website by pasting code from your account, the ability to create slideshows from pictures with multiple effects, a file widget tool to place on websites, a desktop application for uploading files quickly, etc.

Now that you have seen some of the top web hosts, tell us what you use to upload and store your files online.

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Haven’t used any of these but yes, as Alex said.. adrive is good with no catches.. :)


No Windows Live SkyDrive ?


I second Vincent, Windows Live SkyDrive is one of the best online storage tools I have seen.


I too Second!

Windows Skydrive is the best I’ve usen ever !

5GB and Lots more to it !


Skydrive is good, but Windows Live Mesh is even better. It will create a folder sync from my PC (soon to be Mac and mobile) so that my stuff automatically gets uploaded. Bad ass.


You are talking about these hosts as if they were the best of the best but their download speed is too slow.

John Doe


therefore rapidshare>>>>>>>>>>


You’re joking right?

Rapidshare is the *worst*.

Makes you jump through literally a dozen hoops to give you the file, and it’s slow too unless you pay for the premium service.


Most of us don’t have trouble with captchas.


Rapidshare does not make you jump through “dozens” of hoops. You click on the link, wait 45 seconds or so, and you’re done.

Megaupload is the one with the 3-letter “combination” and then a timer.

I suppose someone down there has already mentioned FileFront, which supports uploads up to 1 GB and can support download speeds up to about 1MB/s that I’ve seen.


Online storage is like our era : the difficulty is not to find, but to choose. Hyper-choice. That’s why topics like this one, wide, interested as well by the quantity than by the quality depending on what we need, is profitable. I love these comparison sheets.


I believe Adrive is the way to go. They provide good download speeds too…

Ginny Le

I’ve been using to store my mp3s (hotlinking allowed). They work so well but Diskspace and Bandwith are NOT unlimited. is the best site for uploading mp3 so far.

Thanks for the collection.


You sure they were *your* mp3s? (ie. you hold the copyright on them?)


Media Fire?


adrive is good


I find quiet useful for small files (< 300 MB)


Paul Sanders

Don’t forget Mozy. I know it’s a backup service rather than a file hosting site but if you want to store files offline it is excellent.

Paul Sanders

Syahid A.

For ease of use and super simplicity, I vote for!


Windows Live Skydrive is one of the best online file storage options…and it allows u to upload upto 5 GB


Good for storage. But how they make money to survive, through ad?


yeah, this is clearly full of crap
only one of these made my own list
and he missed literally dozens of better alternatives


Which one made your list, and can you list the dozens of alternatives? Please add this useful info, otherwise you’re just griping.


Xdrive is a cool choice, as it offers everything SkyDrive does, but also allows you to map a drive on your computer so you can drag&drop.


I prefer to use only supports 100mb file per upload but it has no ad`s and it upload time is quite fast.Anyways great list.


Just a note – I clicked on the link for #5, Easyshare, and it goes nowhere. The actual URL is apparently .

Mohib Sheth

Nobody knows abt Rapidshare?

Windows Live SkyDrive is good too :)


Rapidshare sucks!!!

Nicholas Longtin

If you want something more than just simple file storage and sharing check out
There is a free level of account that has some limits on usage, but the features Wonderfile offers are much more expansive than many of the services listed here.

It has advanced file tagging and searching, previewing of all MS Office type documents, image slide shows, versioning and sharing, you can collaborate with other users, upload VIA email, and much more.

Full video tour of features here:


John thomas

Dont froget to use privacy services like Ultimate Anonymity to remain anonymous to the servers you are uploading to or downloading from.


John thomas

Sweet, now just be sure to remain “anonymous” to those websites. masking your ISP to the server for uploading to or downloading from. Good idea.


Dont forget about They allow 150 mb of storage.

Bravery Onions

Dropbox is my favorite for storage, and moving files from home to school. It’s in private beta right now:

And for sending others large files, Podmailing:


Shamless self plug: – 100mb per file, no account, no limits for how many files you can upload, any file type, no censorship.


They are great for stuff like images, word documents or pdfs. They allow you to directly link to your files (so you can post a link on your site or on forums somewhere, and people can download the file without waiting for a download timer or anything). They also say that they will add most file formats that your request.


I personally use You don’t need an account, it’s fast, it doesn’t throttle downloading by DownThemAll, and it has a decent file size limit.

Robert is vastly superior to all file hosting services…

Jimmy Happy

I personally like

They give you 5 GB free storage, 1 GB size limit, and 1 GB daily limit.
They also let you reset your own bandwidth each day.

Will Mueller has no clue

How could you not mention it is the biggest filehost, and I always get fullspeed on my broadband … is all you need :)


I thought was great too, until I tried to upload a file. 3 weeks later and four computers running firefox and internet explore, I have not been able to completely upload a 500mb file.

Don’t waste your time with the site.


i used filedropper when it was first announced, and all of my files disappeared within a few days. i wasn’t sharing any pirated goods, they were just zip files for a friend. i thought he was being a fool until i went and checked the files for myself. haven’t been able to trust them since then.


Innovative service, EatLime lets your friends start downloading your shared files as soon as you start uploading them, making the entire sharing process much faster!

Very nice too

linux user

For me there’s one catch:

Q: Are files with the same name case sensitive?
A: Files are case INsensitive. For example: ADrive will consider test.txt and TeSt.txt the same file even if they contain different data.


Surprising that you included MediaFire only as a reference to a site that ripped them off. and eatlime are good left off the list too..

MediaFire is definitely worthyt, if not the best host out there… imho anyway…


Check out as a place to “drop” HD videos!


What about dropbox. its still in beta but its by far the best hosting service ive used.

Joel Laumans

Definitely my fav.

traacer is def my fav too, not the most space but allows you to not only send the file as fax but receive faxes to the drop, email them, and allows for quick password protection and retreival of the files with a easy to remember URL.


I’m still sticking with , they are the only one with decent speed and are very easy to use.

try them our, you will not be disappointed.


I have just tried and despite their claims of unlimited file size, they limit image files to 8MB


What about It has DAV support (it mounts your storage as a drive on your PC), unlimited file size, unlimited number of files, unlimited space, no restrictions on type, and you can get a link to share any file with the public! It is the best file upload service ever in my opinion

Sound Of Vision

Oh I love comments on this post…so many good information…:D

Sound Of Vision

And now after checking those site out…Badongo deletes inactive files after certain period of time and it says it’s allowed 12GB for download, not upload. It says it’s only 1GB for single upload. And Filedropper doesn’t have free account (only free 7 days trial)

*sigh* when the perfect one will come? :)

hottietin, allows parallel downloads, no time waiting, plus revenue for uploaders for each download! :]


Where is Unlimited and Free Storage space.


why didn’t you mention rapidshare? it’s faster than all others here.

and there’s also which has no limits for upload size.


The author is trying to be edgy. How else could the biggest site get no mention?


wheres rapidshare!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Simon Mills

Another good one is Fly Upload, unlimited space 2gb per file


Nice list..I felt that Windows Live Skydrive also deserved a mention.

Trinal Yep, best file host of the bunch



I’ve been hosting my files at It seems to work pretty fast but there are a few things I wish they would upgrade.

Pros: The payout seems to be the highest on the web to date from what I can see. They let you host unlimited files (how do they do that?). The speed is pretty good. If you see other bizzyfile links out there you can download them for free with the exception of a timer..but you can buy points which will lift the timer.

You can use points when you want so you don’t have to worry about any time lines.

Cons: They don’t have a progress bar which would be nice to visually see when your file will be done uploading. Also you can’t rename your files but that could be do to a security issue, I’m not sure.

The design of the website is pretty clean. reminds me of facebook. The usability is pretty intuitive, with some pretty good features.

Overall I would highly recommend this file hosting site. Seems new but I think that people will turn onto it pretty quick since it’s unlimited file hosting and the payout is very fair.



you was upload your files in right?
n how you get your money?
by a check or paypal?
please send me a reply..b’coz i confused how can i get my money when i was had 5000 unique download.

please send your reply to or


There is nothing special about filedropper in my opinion.


Very useful list! Thanks a lot!

P.S. For God’s sake, boycott the f***ing Rapidshare! Why so many many people are using this crap? For God’s sake, it’s not free and it nags the f**k out of us! What else to say? We live in the era of free Internet and free software, there are dozens and hundreds of free host servers outthere (you’ve mentioned some of them), why bother with this nag, f***ing Rapidshare? FREE INTERNET!


Thought I’d throw this one out. Been using it and have not tried others. But it has some control features that I like. Nothing special and I couldn’t find any info on it. But here it is:


I’ve been using to host my images for a while now. Does what it says on the tin. Great little site!


Filedropper is useless to me. In my experience, it hangs up in the middle of uploads.


here is another one who is really fast and simple with no ads and no waiting: works pretty neat.


Very useful list! Thanks a lot!
I have just tried Netgull for a file of 900mb; clean and fast.

edward and are my favorites


its a very good


I like – clean, no ads, multiple uploads, no accounts.


this site is very useful for student


Thank you for sharing this info! This is just what I’m looking for. ;)


willemijns list all of them


I’m just looking for a place to store files so I can link to them from my website. I want to be able to click on the link and then see the file… not a bunch of complicated steps to see the file. If I have to pay, I’ll pay! Your help is appreciated!


easyshare doesnt work no more


some services kept forever, see


It seems that a lot of those sites have a thing that will delete your stuff after after a certain amount of days or inactive files after 90 days or something….are there any that hold it permanetnly? I have a lot of files that I would not be “active” with all the time but dont’ have room on my computer anymore.




Another great site :

Send files up to 1GB for free, no registration required!


Why just use simple upload hosting when you can do multiple hosting in one click!


George High Earn…$24 per 10.000 uniques downloads!!!


Uploadcell seems really unstable for me, slow, not good uploading features. Someone downloads my files and then the files are removed along with any epoints generated with them. Perhaps a scam ?


It’s really sad to see people who tried to cheat, to leave that kind of comments.
Every user who respects our TOS has no problem.
When someone just upload files in order to download them himself to generate points, it’s logical to loose them.
We respect our users and they do respect us.
Someone who respect us, has no place on UploadCell.
Everyone can register on UploadCell and use our services in order to have a personal opinion about us.

UploadCell Team


For a very reliable service (and one that should certainly be on the list) go to

Save 50% use promo code “better” at


Uploadcell seems really unstable for me, slow, not good uploading features. Someone downloads my files and then the files are removed along with any epoints generated with them. Perhaps a scam ?
Why just use simple upload hosting when you can do multiple hosting in one click!


is good
Why just use simple upload hosting when you can do multiple hosting!


Since we started offering filehosting services through UploadCell.
We have deleted a very small number of accounts ONLY for violating our terms of use.
Someone who does not respect our TOS, has no place on UploadCell.
So shelly if you have any other questions,please contact with us instead of saying for a decent file hosting site that is scam.

UploadCell Team


what about &



Can ny1 give me details for any free-ware that could help me manage/share/ maintain files and documents through remote access as well.


Jason Vitagen

I would suggest Rapidhosting
because it’s simple and easy to use plus you’ll get 5GB personal file storage for free.


LOL. YOU GUYS R MISSING A LOT. Some more good sites are:
AND MANY MORE, but they aren’t in my brain right now, so yeah.


been using for a year, i have a pro account, the have excellence support ,

Lotro powerleveling

Thanks for your articels ,it’s very usefule for me ,thanks again



A new file hosting is open and it is faster =)

– easy to use
– no soft for dl/up
– no registered required and registered/prenium accounts.
– safe and secure
– ads 10s for download
– up to 1gb


Thanks for your list! Here is another great list of file sharing services. Some of these aren’t on your list:

viec lam tuyen dung

great !

Darius allows 500mb upload, 100% uptime. Been using it for a few days, no issues at all.


One small ERRATA:

This article says it offers uploads of: files up to 100MB
Today (October 8, 2009) the site states: A 50mb maximum file size limit

Dr House

mediafire is another great file hosting website, the drawback the pop up. Every time we click the upload or download, there is a pop up appear. But what can we expect for a free file hosting site?


Cool list! Here is another one link of file sharing services.
URL: | Upload file to Eight file host in one time, cool aite! check it…


The best place to store your files is Free 1 G.B Storage.


9.99$/month per 6,10 or 20 GB whatever this low number i forgot it… an RS/MU clone for this price without QoS sic !
plz play again to your playstation ^^


Excellent list. Just the sort of thing I’ve been looking for, even signed up for an Adrive account too. (thumbs up for Adrive btw)

keep up the good work.

P.S) I (bleep) ‘n hate rapidshare. long live free internet


Filedropper is a decent file host, however the costs make it less appealing.

I found an amazing up-to-date list on the Top 5 File Hosting Sites, let me know what you think!

Accounting Teacher

Although it is easy to uplod file in easy-share. But download from it is very difficult.+it has inappropriate Advertisement,

Rick Fran

Its very hard of late to find a really good reliable FileHosting site we at can provide a safe and secure Filehosting facilty for business and personal use and all with password protection,at the moment we have some mindblowing deals on

Thanks for taking the time to look you wont believe the features of this site

Admin at FTN

I was reading this post and, with all the replies and the original post combined there is quite a list of services here.

If you go to I have found a bigger collection of file hosting services, some of them even have reviews on them.

Ben l Awesome Wallpapers

I love Mediafire!


What about It gives basic users 50Gbs for free!!!


Fileqube disappeared (with my files) months ago. The domain is now parked at godaddy.


I hope you have copies ;) lot of ppl let her own service in “zombie mode” until the end of domain name validity ^^


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An also, is a good one, is fast and very secure. the admin is given premium account if you upload a big amount of files with high traffic! try it!!