Top Five Free Online Shooter Games – Must Read For Gamers

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Games can cost you quite a buck. Some games cost a lot, most of them even more. This isn’t always the case, though; sometimes they don’t even cost anything at all!

Actually, there are a lot of free games available. When we’re talking about shooters (read: games in which you shoot stuff and/or living things) these are nearly always multiplayer games.

Read on for the top five free online shooters.

5. War Rock – 550 MB

War Rock has been released as a free game from the very start, and extras can be purchased additionally. You can choose between 5 basic classes: engineer, medic, sniper, assault and heavy trooper. You have three main game types and three more additional ones. The three main game types are “˜Close Quarters Combat’, “˜Urban Ops’ and “˜Free for All’. In “˜Close Quarters Combat’ you’ll play in relatively small maps, thus entering more direct combat. “˜Urban Ops’ involves two teams, deploying bigger maps and more additional machinery like cars and mounted guns. “˜Free for All’ is like a standard “˜Deathmatch’ in most games; kill everyone you see, or be killed.

War Rock Online Shooter Game

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4. Nexuiz – 380 MB

I’m sure everyone who plays this will notice major similarities with Unreal Tournament. The gameplay shares a lot of things as well. It’s very fast paced, uses a wide range of unique weapons and the same rush of adrenaline. I don’t think anyone would mind me calling this the free Unreal Tournament alternative.

Nexuiz - online shooting game

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3. Warsow – 180 MB

Very fast paced and also very acrobatic. When I say acrobatic, I really mean acrobatic. I’m talking about bunny hopping (a strange way of jumping, allowing you to move really fast), known in other games, but implemented and thoroughly elaborated , about rolling, leaping and running up against the walls. Warsow is as much about shooting as about the acrobatics. To get the hang of the whole ‘acrobatic system’, it has cooked you a few tutorials – which you better try out before facing the real deal.

online shooting adventure game

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2. Gunz The Duel – 440 MB

Gunz isn’t just any shooter. Not just any Shooter or Hack ‘n Slasher to be honest, as you have both guns and a sword. The games are often set in relatively small levels. It features very extended acrobatics as well, thus creating a very entertaining and addictive gameplay. The more you play, the better you’ll get. The better you get, the higher your level will be. You can also buy yourself new armor and weapons, either by playing a lot of games and receiving points, or by using real money. One of the downsides of Gunz is the necessity to start the game using your web browser, but you’ll get used to it.


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1. F.E.A.R. COMBAT – 1800 MB

F.E.A.R. (“˜fear’ for the friends) is an acronym meaning First Encounter Assault Recon; “˜Fear’ fits the game, though. Most people know or have played the game (perhaps even one of the expansions), but not a lot of people know that the included multiplayer mode has been released on the internet by its makers, giving you the opportunity to download it for free! In the game you can play as a member of the Special Forces or as one of the cloned soldiers.

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Games That Didn’t Make The Top 5

Of course these aren’t the only good online shooters. The next few games didn’t make it into the top 5, but are also worth a play:

Do you think you know any games that should’ve been included in this list? Have your say in the comments, and tell us why it’s better than one (or some) of these featured games.

(By) Simon is a student from Belgium who wastes his time relaxing, watching anime and surfing the net. He would tell you to check out his blog, only he doesn’t have one yet!

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