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BUZZ pages are pretty cool creations, they aggregate buzzing stuff from popular resources (i.e. Digg, Reddit,…) and nicely display it in an easy-to-digest manner. Below, I present some of the coolest BUZZ pages out there: some for booming news, some for popular Videos and a bunch of topic specific buzzers, i.e. gaming, photography, etc.

+++ General BUZZ Pages +++

Popurls – brings you the latest buzz from most of the popular user-submitted news sites (i.e. Digg, Reddit, clipmarks,, fark …) and media sites (i.e. Flickr, Youtube, Odeo…)

Extras: (1) change background color, (2)switch window/list views, (3) switch to buzzmania(3x more news), (4) switch to big text, (5) turn on/off story previews, (6) turn on/off video and audio feeds, (7) launch links in a new window, (8) custom feed arrangement, (9) add links to your scrapbook.

OriginalSignal (OS) – very different from Popurls but no-less cool. Unlike Popurls, OS is very well classified and provides custom Buzz page(aka signal) for each category and subcategory. There is something for everyone here: Web (Web 2.0, Digg, Buzz, 15blogs, Search), Technology(Tech, Apple, Gadgets), World(Main news headlines, Politics, Sports, Science), Business(Finance, Marketing, Jobs) and Entertainment(Movies, Games).

Extras: (1) change the fontsize, (2) view more headlines, (3) access OS from mobile, (4) widgets for each signal, (5) share signal with others, (6) RSS-feed for any signal, (7) change arrangement, (8) most popular headlines for this signal in the last 24 hours


DailyRotation – focuses on tech and Gadget news. Lists 100+ popular resources, covering all areas of tech web(gadgets, web2.0, software reviews, SEO, programming…etc). Simply check resources you like and it’ll put them on a homepage. Extras: (1) highly customizable interface, (2) add your own feeds

More General BUZZ pages:

  • ViralBabble | TheWebList – popurl clones
  • – similar to OriginalSignal but not as cool and has fewer categories(blogs, sports, jobs, technology, videos, hotdeals, web2.0, torrents, gadgets)
  • Web 2.0 Workgroup – focuses on leading Web 2.0 blogs including Techcrunch, ReadWriteWeb, SoluionWatch and eHub. Even though there is no easy-to-navigate panel, web20workgroup provides an OPML file which you can use to subscribe to all of these blogs simultaneously
  • MajorNetworkNews | InformedNews – latest headlines from top traditional news networks i.e. Google, Yahoo, Reuters, CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox, USA Today, New York Times, WSJ etc. on one page. Both sites let you browse news by source or category (World, U.S., Business, Technology, Politics, Entertainment, Health, Travel, Sports…).


PureVideo – daily ‘Top 10’ videos from several popular video sharing networks. Browse videos by category: music, sports, comedy, viral videos, entertainment, research and news.

Extras: offers customizable video startpage that lets you choose among 200+ categorized video feeds. More on Purevideo here PureVideo - Top 10 Videos Daily PureVideo - Top 10 Videos Daily Read More

ViralVideos – daily top 5 videos from Youtube, Metacafe, and Myspace.

Extras: (1) option to view most popular videos for today, this week, month and ‘All time’, (2) embedded video player with full screen mode

Vdiddy – daily top 12 videos from AOL Video,, DailyMotion, GoogleVideo, Groupper, Metacafe, Myspace, Yahoo Video and Youtube

Extras: (1) forward videos by email, (2) embedded player(no full screen mode)

+++ OTHER (Topic Specific BUZZ) +++

Gaming: Gameboar(general) | WiiNintendo(wii review sites, Youtube videos, news, game trailers)

Bargain Deals: DealCrew – fresh coupons, deals and bargain headlines from the top shopping sites on the web (Amazon,, Dell,,, and many more)

Mac fans: MacScour – news, software updates, reviews and tips from popular sources

Photography: Mashfot – recent popular photos from Flickr Flickr - Store, Share, Sort & Search Your Photos Flickr - Store, Share, Sort & Search Your Photos Read More and 23, and related links from Digg,, Simpy and etc.

Entertainment: Slists – daily dosage of popular videos(16 popular video sites), movie trailers(clevver, ifilm, msn, yahoo), game trailers, photos(artlimited, flickr, NASA,smugsmug), caricatures and music

For Netvibes Users: Netvibes Tabs – more then 3500 user-created tabs that can be instantly integrated to your netvibes account(ex; Cool Games)

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