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Motivation is like a pill; you never know when you might need it. Even better, consider motivation like a vitamin pill and you know that having a little each day would keep the “˜ills’ at bay. So, it really pays to keep oneself bolstered with motivational and inspirational quotes each day.

Thanks to many motivational websites on the web, you are never in want of wisdom nuggets that are made available for free.

You can go straight to websites like the ones we saw on the 10 Websites For A Daily Fix Of Sayings & Quotations 10 Websites For A Daily Fix Of Sayings & Quotations 10 Websites For A Daily Fix Of Sayings & Quotations Read More . Or you can quite easily go to your favorite quotation website and see if it offers daily quotes by mail, Twitter, or RSS feeds.

Here, we will be looking at a few websites that help to light the fire in your belly using the convenient RSS feed links. If you shun Twitter and hate clogging your inbox with daily emails, then using feeds is the way to go.

Quotes Daddy

Quotes Daddy has over 1,000,000 quotes spanning relationships, inspiration, love, and even a section of user submitted quotes. You won’t be able to read all of them in your lifetime, so it makes sense to receive one each day in your feed reader. The quotation website doesn’t make it obvious but you can subscribe to its feed using the little red feed icon on top between the Signup and Home links. Or if you just want the ones tagged as ‘inspirational’ click the feed icon next to the quote headline.


The Quotations Page

This one is a simple quote collection website without too many frills. Among all the quotes arranged by author and subject, there’s the one which showcases Motivational Quotes of the Day. You can subscribe to the motivational quotes of the day using the link for the feed. What I like about this quotation website is the extra information it provides on the quote and its author.

Quotations Book

The site says it has 43,000 quotes by over 7,000 people in over 1200 subjects. It has also indexed 20,000 books from Project Gutenberg to provide quotes in context as they occur in literature. You can browse quotes by tags, drill through using the alphabetical listing, or do a general search. The page on motivation has 79 quotes, but then inspirational quotes are usually spread across other subjects too. Quotes of the Day is sent out by two kinds of RSS feeds – plain quotes of the day and quotes of the day with pictures. The site also as Short Quotes of the Day feed which updates every 3 hours.

Brainy Quote

Brainy Quotes commonly makes the list of quote websites. It features an extensive collection of quotations intermingled with a whole lot of features like trivia games. One of the unique categorizations it has is by type of author which lets you look at quotes by professions. Right at the foot of the page, you will find the link to the site’s Quote Feeds which leads you straight to the Quote of the Day RSS feed.

Quote Snack

Quote Snack is a little blog on quotes which goes into quotes a bit more deeply. Each quote is an individual blog entry which explains the quote and points to the context in which it was mentioned. Try out the blog with the RSS subscription link provided.

Dictionary Quotes

The quote collection on this site is thanks to the sayings of the famous who have inspired us with words of wisdom. Though you can browse through the quotes by subject, they are mixed up each day. You can click on the RSS link to subscribe to the quotes.

Too Many Quotes is a community website where anybody can browse, search, submit, vote on, rate and make lists of quotes and quotations. Along with the usual categories, you also have quotes from movies, books, music, and TV shows. Every category has its own feed and you can get it by browsing to the categories page and clicking on the RSS feed icon.

You Quoted hopes to trigger motivation by providing a constant source of inspirational and go-getting quotes. All the quotes are carefully selected and also matched to pictures that help bring out the meaning. Feed subscription is recommended.

Quotations help to provide a fresh spark to our jaded thinking. A lot of others have done the thinking job before us and put it in words. All that’s left for us to do is to act on those wise words. That’s why these motivational quotations deserve a special folder all of their own in your feed reader.

Can you suggest a few more motivation quote websites that we can place in ours?

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