The Top 8 Radio Talk Show Hosts With Online Streaming

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radio talk show hostsThe problem I’ve been having lately is that between writing work, my IT day job, and writing for my own blog, there’s just very little time to lay back and read a good book or magazine. So one way that I have managed to enjoy a little bit of intellectual stimulation is through talk radio while I’m getting some work done.

While searching for an interesting topic this week, I realized that we’ve never really covered radio talk show hosts here at MUO. Both David and Dean discussed how you can get started in your own talk show host career by launching an Internet radio show, but what if you’re looking for popular radio show hosts to listen to while you’re online?

Listening to Top Radio Hosts Online

Before writing this article, I asked around amongst my MUO colleagues for some good ideas. Many of them listen to online radio sites like Digitally Imported, Sky.FM and cool science or technology Podcasts like RadioLab.

These are all awesome resources if you’re looking for something interesting to listen to. However, I wanted to offer specific radio hosts – popular, well-known personalities – that host podcasts and syndicated radio shows that offer free content you can listen to or watch online.

Coast To Coast With George Noory

The very first radio talk show host that I have to mention, because they cover topics that I’m most interested in, is George Noory over at Coast to Coast Radio.

radio talk show hosts

Coast to Coast covers paranormal topics that run the entire gamut, including crop circles, UFOs and strange news. The shows are really interesting to listen to, at least as far as the entertainment factor goes.

Kim Komando Tech Reports

If you’re into technology (you’re here at MUO, so you must be, right?), then you’ll definitely want to check out the highly popular, syndicated show by Kim Komando.

list of talk show hosts

Kim tests the latest tech gadgets and talks about online and offline technologies. She produces what are called “Kim’s Reports“, shows that cover all of the latest technology trends people are most interested in right now. You can watch Kim on Demand for free, but the archives are members only.

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Al Sharpton & Civil Liberties

This next suggestion is one that I am including mostly because it is a radio show I turn to whenever I’m looking for a story to write about related to civil liberties or civil rights abuses. If there’s anyone that’s usually on top of those issues, it’s Al Sharpton.

list of talk show hosts

I don’t always like the guy’s style or his approach to many of the stories that he covers, but when it comes to getting the word out there about issues of civil liberty, Sharpton’s the man.

The Delilah Love-Fest

Now, I’m as surprised as many of you will probably be that I’m going to suggest this – but I have to also recommend talk show host “Delilah“.

list of talk show hosts

Delilah is all about stories of humanity – tales of kindness and love. Sometimes, the song dedications are a bit overboard. But, then again, I once found myself sitting in traffic, listening to a deployed soldier dedicating a song to his wife and kids, and found myself on the edge of tears. Click on “Listen All Day” to hear the show. Take my word for it, you’ll want to take the Delilah-love in small doses at first.

Neal Boortz For President?

If you’re a politically minded listener, I can’t leave out the ever-popular Neal Boortz. Neal is a published, New York Times bestselling author, and often goes into some major (and entertaining) political rants in his show.

talk show hosts

I wouldn’t say that he’s overly right-wing. He’s a self-described Libertarian, and has no qualms about attacking both sides of the aisle on his radio show. Check out his show under Latest Audio and Video.

Jeremy Vine Covers the News

If you’re over in the UK, or anywhere in Europe for that matter, then you’ve probably heard of Jeremy Vine and his BBC talk show.

talk show hosts

Jeremy’s focus is discussing the latest news and the most pressing social issues of the day. He does so in a format that’s interesting enough to make him one of the UK’s most popular talk show hosts. His show is well worth a look, and available for free online.

Glenn Beck – Another Conservative Show Host

Many of the top political talk show hosts in the U.S. are conservative. Glenn Beck is no exception, but he is certainly a little bit unique in how he covers stories compared to other hosts that lean more to the right than Glenn does.

talk show hosts

While I disagree with most of his opinions, I do find his coverage of the “truth” to be somewhat refreshing at times, even though I’m not Conservative. Just click the yellow “Listen Now” button streaming audio.

Ricky Gervais – Offensive & Really Funny

As I try to do with my lists, I’ve saved my favorite for last. This offering might offend some people, because let’s face it, there’s little about Ricky Gervais that isn’t offensive. With that said, there’s also little about him that isn’t funny.

radio talk show hosts

I was introduced to Ricky by a friend in the UK, long before Gervais ever became popular in the US. My friend forwarded me a single clip from one of Gervais’ podcasts, and in just a few moments I was doubled over from laughing. If you like your comedy with biting wit and offensive sarcasm, then Gervais is your man.

In the limited space that I have, I’m forced to stop here, but there are most certainly many more radio talk show hosts out there that are very popular, and who offer free streaming content from their websites. I was also curious about top talk show hosts from India or Asia, do you know of any? If you have any Western hosts that you feel should be on this list, please share your opinion in the comments section below.

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Comments (25)
  • Anonymous

    Too much personal bias in this list. Michael Savage should be there!

    • Ryan Dube

      Thanks for your input Slideboy – although some might have said that including Michael Savage would have betrayed a personal bias… Can’t really win either way.

  • Andrew Smith

    I read and support a blog/website that promotes Glen Beck? I don’t know if I should shoot myself in the head or slit my wrists.

    • Art

      Perhaps you would like Rush better.  He IS the most listened-to talk show host, with 15+ million listeners.  They can’t all be wrong.  
      Remember, you guys on the left are the open-minded people, and the right-wingers are the bigots.
      btw, if you slit your wrists first, you just might be able to quickly shoot yourself in the head, too.  Be sure to let us know how it comes out.  Just trying to help… : )

    • Mrclose

      When anyone lists Al Sharpton as a TOP talk host and claims to not be able to stomach Rush .. I KNOW that there’s a screw loose .. somewhere!

      Utter Fail!

    • Ryan Dube

      Any blog post that can gather criticism from people at both the right and the left is a successful, unbiased article that has covered the best of both sides well. So, thank you all.

    • Ryan Dube

      You seriously think that every single blogger at MUO would list the same radio show hosts as me? I bet if you made your own list of the top 8 show hosts, half of MUO would disagree with *your* list.  Do you really want to live in a world where there are no differences of opinion? I don’t. It would be terribly boring.

    • Andrew Smith

      but this is a tech blog, which kinda makes it a science blog, and I’m not sure I can even say that Beck believes in science. ughhhh :( I wish I didn’t see this. I just wouldn’t have brought general politics onto a site like this in the first place. General politics not being something specific like SOPA.

  • jello

    Tom Leykis was rushed off CBS radio, when CBS radio went bust, but he was still honored his multimillion dollar contract.  That contract ends this April where he will be streaming once again.  He will once again be on the top 8 list.

  • James

    Glen Beck!, Are you kidding me! Far right crap. For Some morning fun try The Bob and Tom show.

    • Andrew Smith

      This mention makes me extremely upset that I read makeuseof.

    • Ryan Dube

      Well, if MC up there had his way, he’d have me listing Limbaugh… He’s a few football fields to the right of Glen.  By the way – there’s no reason not to list folks from the right or left in a fair article, so long as they aren’t extremists. Glen is by no means extremist.

  • Bryn Kingston-Richards

    To anyone looking for similar media, I highly recommend the podcasts by, such as HowStuffWorks and StuffYouMissedInHistoryClass. Both are informative and highly entertaining, and its amazing the amount of information you pick up and retain.

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Affiliate Disclamer

This review may contain affiliate links, which pays us a small compensation if you do decide to make a purchase based on our recommendation. Our judgement is in no way biased, and our recommendations are always based on the merits of the items.

For more details, please read our disclosure.