The Top 8 Free Apps You Should Know If You Love Beer [Android]

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beer icon   The Top 8 Free Apps You Should Know If You Love Beer [Android]I love beer. I love drinking it, I love discovering new kinds of it and I love learning about it. Are you a beer lover too? Well, it’s your lucky day! I’ve recently decided to move my beer passion to the next level, and take it with me wherever I go.

As a result, I am presenting to you the ultimate list of free, informative, helpful and fun beer apps for your Android device. Whether you want to learn about new beers, record your drinking habits or even brew some beers yourself, you’re going to find something you can use in this list.

BJCPDroid [1.6+]

BJCPdroid   The Top 8 Free Apps You Should Know If You Love Beer [Android]

BJCP stands for Beer Judge Certification Program. The BJCP’s goal is to train beer experts, and their Android app is a very informative beer index which includes everything you ever wanted to know about beer styles, flavors, aromas, ingredients, etc.

If you’ve always wanted to know the difference between a brown porter and a robust porter, or to get to know some classic examples for amber hybrid beer, you’re going to love BJCP’s app. There are no frills here, just information, and lots of it.

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The app includes ads, but if you happen to be a BJCP member, you can remove them by entering your BJCP number.

Hoptopia [1.6+]

hoptopia   The Top 8 Free Apps You Should Know If You Love Beer [Android]

Hoptopia is a great source for craft beer reviews, which you can browse by name, beer style and brewery. The beers are reviewed by real people, and each is given an overall score (out of 100). You can also read an in-depth review about each beer, and see what price you should expect it to go for.

After reading about a beer, you can add it to your favorites, which you can access from the “More” tab. This way, you can get to know lots of new beers by browsing, and create your own collections of interesting beers you want to try. The beer database is not huge, but definitely comprehensive, and will provide an interesting read for any beer lover.

BeerDiary [1.6+]

beerdiary   The Top 8 Free Apps You Should Know If You Love Beer [Android]

BeerDiary is a very simple app, which I nonetheless find extremely useful and fun to use. If you often feel the urge to record your drinking habits or to list the different beers you drink so as to never forget them again, you’re going to love BeerDiary.

With BeerDiary, you can add all your favorite beers, including the brewer’s name and location, a description and tag. You can then view your beer list at any time, and tap the beer-glass icon to signify that you’ve now drunk that beer. What you get is a list with all the beers you’ve drunk, and the exact times and days you’ve done so. You can browse your beers by name, brewer or tag.

The app doesn’t do any more than this at the moment, but a simple app is sometimes all you need for a simple task.

Beer [1.6+]

beer3   The Top 8 Free Apps You Should Know If You Love Beer [Android]

With a name like that, where can an app go wrong? Beer, or by its full name, Beer – List, Ratings & Reviews, is for those who are looking for a beer diary with more capabilities than BeerDiary, and are also interested in reading other people’s opinions.

For each beer you add to your list, you can input a name, style, barcode, photo, ratings, and much, much more. You can also share each beer you add via Twitter, Facebook or email. For your own records, you can view stats, export to CSV, backup and restore, and more. You can search through all your beers, and also search through beers other people reviewed, read their opinions and comment.

Brewzor Calculator FREE [1.5+]

brewzor   The Top 8 Free Apps You Should Know If You Love Beer [Android]

If you’ve ever brewed beer by yourself, you’ve probably done some calculations. Depending on the process you’re using and on your level, there are all kinds of parameters you need to take into considerations when brewing beer.

Brewzor calculator is a free app aimed at both home brewers and professional brewers, and provides an impressive number of brewing calculators, some of which I’ve never even heard of before. You can set up the app to use your exact measurements, and also configure what kind of equipment you’re using. If you’re not sure what a calculator does, visit the app’s page for some explanations.

You can also try Brewzor Pro Beta, a beer recipe manager, which includes all these calculators and an elaborate recipe manager for any brewer.

BrewR [2.1+]

brewr   The Top 8 Free Apps You Should Know If You Love Beer [Android]

BrewR is another app aimed at brewers, and will especially appeal to home brewers. You can add your own recipes, complete with ingredients (which you can choose from the vast ingredient database), recipe notes and specific batch notes. It also includes several timers to use while brewing, such as a boil time countdown and hopping time alerts.

The ingredients in the database are editable, so you can pretty much add any ingredient you can dream of. You can also add your own notes to each ingredient. When you have a list of recipes, you can filter them and sort them in various ways, and even share them with friends through all the regular social channels.

Beer Counter [2.2+]

beer counter   The Top 8 Free Apps You Should Know If You Love Beer [Android]

Beer Counter is yet another of those simple apps that do one thing well. If you want to keep track of how much you had to drink or of how much money you need to pay for your drinks when you hang out with friends, Beer Counter is the perfect solution. All you have to do is set your currency and the beer price, and then just tap the huge number every time you have another drink.

The app will save your stats for you, complete with time and place, and will tally up the costs for the night, until you start it over. You can view your activities on a map and automatically share your drinking ventures on Twitter and Facebook.

Bottom Line

Do you love beer but don’t own an Andoird device? Don’t despair! Check out this list of awesome beer-related iPhone apps or this list of great drink-related websites you should visit.

Do you know of some  more great beer-related apps? Let us know in the comments.

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Cool article, and very cool App. Cheers!

Tail Lights would be nice if there is calorie calculator too. So you can keep in track of how much calorie you intake at the party


Really? I would think a party would be the last place you would want to count calories!

But anyway, I assume you have more than beer at a party, so what you need is simply a calorie counter, not just for beer. There must be something like that out there! I will do some research. :)

christmas cocktails

This is one cool app for beer lovers like me! Cheers :)


i love bear apps . they seems magical lol


– right?!


Hi Markus, sorry I missed this comment!

I think I tried untappd and didn’t work so well on my device, but I might be confusing it with a different app. I will definitely give it another try. Thanks!