Top 5 World News Websites Guaranteed Free From Censorship

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world newsMy name is Ryan Dube and I am a corporate news media addict. There…I said it. I love the glitzy commercials, the shiny well-funded world news websites with lots of widgets and cool gadgets to feed my mobile phone and my PC with piles of important news headlines, like who won the Oscars last night or how President Obama’s wonderful budget impact my taxes.

You know – the sort of stuff that you gaze over while you’re sipping on your morning coffee, content that all is right in the world, and that the Western World is the center of the Universe and always in the right. In this article, I’m going to share 5 world news websites that completely shatter that unrealistic view of the world.

Last year I was discussing world military events with a friend from the UK. He made a comment about U.S. and U.K. military action in Iraq that I hadn’t heard about. I was flummoxed. Up to that point, I was an avid reader of all of the corporate news media giants – CNN, Fox News, and CBS. I trusted those news organizations to deliver the most important news in the world to my doorstep.

He forwarded me the link from an Independent UK news organization. I read the story, and grew angrier with every sentence – not because of the content but because I hadn’t heard about it. I went back and sifted through my favorite media sites, and eventually found the news story, but it was buried under mountains of other headlines deemed far more important – things like Britney Spear’s emotional breakdown. That experience lit a fire under me – never again would I subject myself to the biased headlines of corporate media.

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Independent News – The Way News Used to Be

There was a time – and old-school journalists remember it well – when journalism as a career meant being so passionate about getting the truth in front of the public eye, that one would resort to extremes of self-sacrifice. As world governments, dictators and entire armies sought to pin entire populations down under oppressive regimes – the valiant journalist served as a citizen spy, going where even many CIA operatives failed to go, and reporting back their stories to the entire world.

True journalism broke the back of oppression – it exposed deceit and corruption to the light of day. But today…well, today we have stories about the latest movies out over the weekend, and updates about the Toyota Recall. The media itself is now a bastion of corporate corruption.

However, we have hope in the form of Independent media. There are still organizations that believe in those founding ideals of journalism – there are still journalists that hold true to the principles that keep democratic societies informed about the atrocities and corruption taking place throughout the world. This list of unbiased world news websites is my nod of support and admiration for those organizations, my own small contribution to the destruction of that bloated creature known as Corporate Media.

world news websites

I’m starting with the UK-based The Independent because it was the news source that my friend forwarded to me years ago. I do believe private funding supports the organization, but from my personal use of the site for news stories, I’ve noticed that they cover many world news stories which many other corporate owned entities avoid. You may find Hollywood gossip-style stories here and there, but nowhere near as bad as U.S. based media sources.

world news website

I think my favorite source for unbiased, hard-hitting stories is the world news website TheRealNews. This news program is a flagship show of the Independent World Television (IWT). They accept no advertising (even The Independent can’t say that), and their mission statement is inspiring for any young journalist just entering into the news industry. From TheRealNews about page:

“The movements for the rights of working people, women, children, immigrants, indigenous people, for freedom of religion and conscience, for moral and spiritual values and for peace and against racism are news. The health of our planet will be a story, day after day.”

Now, doesn’t that just make you want to stand up and take your hat off? This is an organization that truly understands and adheres to the founding principles of journalism.

world news website

The Independent Media Center just has guerrilla journalism written all over it. I picture brave journalists from all corners of the world, interviewing victims in war-torn countries and other centers of violence simply to get their stories out to the world. The IMC, as it is affectionately called, hosts news blogs from independent journalists throughout the world, including Iraq, Iran, Israel and Palestine just to name a few. Want the real scoop on world news? You know that you’ll get the real story here.

world news

World News is sort of an aggregate of many world news websites, including the likes of Al Jazeera, BBC News, The Guardian and The Times of India. While individual news sources may not be totally unbiased or completely free of censorship, you can rest assured that if you’re getting all of your news from World News, then you know that you’ll be betting all sides of the story.

world news

I know I said The Real News is my favorite independent news source, AlterNet is actually my other favorite. Founded in 1998, AlterNet led the way for all future journalists seeking to break from from the scourge of Corporate Media. The articles there cover significant issues, and it also highlights stories from other independent news sources.

The site’s mission statement is just as inspiring:

“AlterNet’s aim is to inspire action and advocacy on the environment, human rights and civil liberties, social justice, media, health care issues, and more.”

When the world seems crazy and confusing and you just don’t know where to turn anymore to get the truth, websites like AlterNet offer you a refuge. It gives you a place that you can return to and know that you’re not being fed propaganda or political party lines. Independent news is the real stuff, and these are the world news websites where you can get it.

Do you know of any other excellent Independent news sites? Share your favorites with other readers in the comments section below.

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I hope these sites have apps! I try to seek out other media outlets and these look good. Thanks!



I would also recommend, Noam Chomsky (a leading political dissenter) has only positive things to say about Amy Goodman.



Some of these sites are just too far left (Alternet) and basically scraps of news blanketed with lefty opinions. Think I’ll stick to the Drudge Report.



The words censorship and objective don’t fit the news media anymore. The media just tell us what we want to hear. On TV it’s about ratings, the Print media it’s about sales, and the Internet media outlets it’s about “hits”. People seem to be “self censoring” by seeking out media outlets that reinforce their viewpoints. There is less tolerance for listening to opposing viewpoints. Without listening to more than one source (side) of an issue, how could one ever discern the “truth”.



Amy Goodman (one of the most boring hosts on television) and Noam Chomsky can hardly be considered without censorship. There is a ton of news out there they wouldn’t touch with a ten foot pole.



unbiased? you’re kidding, right? Maybe these news sites aren’t censored, but they are very far left…

Ryan Dube

I suppose considering the wide range of social/political beliefs of MUO readers, calling anything unbiased is a bit of a stretch. Someone will always find bias. On the other hand, the title calls them free of censorship, which was the core point of the article.


So, I guess you are defining censorship as an entity deciding, based on their own beliefs, what should/should not be published. But it seems you go further and have decided that it is censorship if a company decides what should be published but if an individual or a group of individuals makes that decision, it’s not censorship? At what point does the group become an “entity” that, if it decides what to publish, it is censoring? I think you need to stick with the common concern of censorship by a government. If a private entity, be it a company or an individual, makes publication decisions, anyone can choose whether or not to read the publication. I really don’t understand your reasoning.



If there’s one thing I can’t stand related to news sources, it’s when they lean too far to the left or right. This insults my intelligence as I would prefer to make my own decisions and not be force fed their opinions (unless it’s an opinion piece, or course). Most of the sources above are garbage.

Ryan Dube

Please see my post above – again, I don’t think there’s a single news source in the world that can be perfect for everyone. But they should all be uncensored.



I agree with iBastard. It seems that the ONLY serious connection between these “news” sites it the common moniker “Independent” – they seem to have more in common with left-wing advocacy organizations. If merely having the word “independent” in your title was enough to truly guarantee it – the world would be a better place – but it doesn’t and its not. So lets stop facile post topics like this in the future eh Ryan?

Ryan Dube

crljones – you’re confusing the term “independent” with “biased.” Independent means that no corporate entity or private funding will direct which stories are covered or how they are covered – only the editorial staff will based on their own principles.

The fact that you dislike their left-leaning advocacy doesn’t make the post topic “facile.”



“The Real News Network” is defiantly not biased no matter what their mission statement says, If you check their middle east page all they have is the arab’s side of the story. No where do they have Israel’s side.


Hello “Unbaised Right”! You might be right….But Israel enjoys complete
coverage in almost all North-American, European newspapers and/or magazines! That cannot be said about “Middle Eastern” papers ! In regard to the “Real News Network”, it tries to report and investigate news about the Middle-East and the Palestinians which are often reported inaccurately if reported at all by the overwhelming majority of media outlets here in North
America to say the least ! Bye



Thank you for the compilation. Ignoring left/right argumentatives, I guess I need to know how the judgment of “independent” came about. Have you researched either their funding sources, or their editorial board makeup and bonafides, or should I attempt that myself. I heartily agree with you on the need for journalistic independence, but I am unfortunately old enough to be cynical about the titles of organizations and/or their mission statements. Up to now, I have just been reconciled to combing the various outlets in the sometimes justified hope of at least getting competing points of view.


d bene tleilax

I am glad to see a post like this, because I have been frustrated with the terrible mainstream media for ages. I always get my news from multiple alternative outlets, and it’s good to present more options to anyone who might be interested in learning what’s outside of our little American media box.

I definitely agree that for anyone who cares to know the real story behind anything, receiving reports from a variety of sources on all sides of the political spectrum is absolutely critical. So if these are indeed left-leaning and one has a right-leaning inclination, these should still be valuable for getting another perspective on whatever issues it is that one cares about.

If people are truly interested in the reality of something, then I am sure they would welcome all information they could get about that issue, in order to increase knowledge about it. That is what taking an objective approach is really about. I am highly skeptical of people who are consistently fed by only one avenue of information, because it greatly increases the likelihood that they are missing out on important data that could be quite relevant.

But then again people often purposefully avoid that very same data because they are reluctant to change their opinions or can’t handle the social consequences of such changes (i.e. having to admit you no longer like Obama when surrounded by Obama-loving friends).



Actually, the Independent in the UK is a complete anachronism. When it was set up, it was independent from the media corporations and proprietors who owned the rest of the British national newspapers- mainly Robert Maxwell, Rupert Murdoch and Conrad Black.

Well, one out of three’s still in business.

However, there are rumours that the paper will soon be taken over by Alexander Lebedev, who owns the London evening standard and was a KGB agent.

Of course, that does not mean it won’t be objective. However, their current editor was the mouthpiece for the UK government during his time at the Observer during the buildup to the Iraq war. Technically it wasn’t biased, it simply presented the government stance uncritically, mostly because their political editor’s only inside source was, errm, the government spin doctor.

Why not just get all your news from Reuters, AP and AFP? That’s where all the news sites get theirs.



Not one mention of the BBC !?

martin mcqueen

Reuters is owned by the Rothschids I believe…


Luis Colorado

Several points to clarify:

1. I don’t think that there is a news media that is not censored, either internally or externally. The sources of censorship may be ideology, sponsorship, government, and so on. I have seen that on left and right news.
2. Objectivity, or lack of bias. Again, I don’t think that any human being can be totally objective. The place where we grew up, our school, our nation, our parents, our genes, and so many things shape our minds, that full objectivity can be attempted, but not always achieved.
3. Agenda: I would prefer that media outlets came out and state their ideology, vision, philosophy, and self perceived mission in this word. But, alas, I don’t think that any media outlet would like to say “we are here to satisfy our sponsors, Exxon Mobil and the oil industry, and show entertaining news.” Sadly, honesty is also out of the picture.

Personally speaking, I am a centrist-leftist, but I am happy to read the right wing news media. Sometimes they make points that I would have never considered.

The only way to get barely objective, unbiased, uncensored news is to go to national and international outlets from every either side. That’s the only way to understand what’s really going on.


David Rogers

Ryan, I appreciate your attempt to provide alternate news feeds. Right and left are relative terms, very spicy. I think what you are after is better termed balanced news, and the only way to get that with the news sources we have today is to read both conventional and alternative sources. I also appreciate your giving us examples of news sites that put less emphasis on north American pop culture. I have added your suggestions to my Google Reader feeds, knowing that now as I scan the headlines I will get a more rounded picture. Both the left and the right think they´re right: that´s cool: me, I will read as objectively as I can about each event, and then make up my own mind what´s going on out there and what we should do about it. Thank you for your help.



I think calling these sites uncensored, is REALLY stretching it, after all, in my years of viewing so called news, the reporter has increasingly, injected an opinion of their own into the mix, so to me, it should be re-named the best 5 left winged sites. How about some right winged ones, thanks.



In order to have a complete perspective one must at least view the situation from multiply sides. More is better. But most of all use logic. And while you are at it consider this “anything that divides one human from another is an enemy of all humans.


Ratman Boy

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Very useful! Thanks!



A new website on the runway is Independent Free Media World or the IFMW. It’s worth a visit.



A new Independent Free Media Worldwide or the IFMW is now seen daily on the internet. However, it was on and off media scene since many years past. It’s relatively without censorship thus far but gives a truer picture of Muslim world.

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