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rent lap top computersI recently wrote an article on The Top 10 Laptops To Buy Now: A Quick Review The Top 10 Laptops to Buy Now: A Quick Review The Top 10 Laptops to Buy Now: A Quick Review Read More , but what if you’re not ready to buy a laptop? Some of you may need to temporarily use a laptop but are not yet ready to purchase one. In this case, did you know it is possible to rent lap top computers?

There are a lot of reasons someone may want to rent a laptop. You can rent them for short term projects, long term ones, business, or you can rent to own and buy it one day. Out of the many companies online which offer laptop rentals, there are a few that have a nice selection and will ship to most any city. They offer all the top brands and are generally very flexible.

In this article, I am going to show you the top sites to rent your laptops from.


rent lap top computers

First up on our list is Rent-A-Center. Aside from offering furniture, appliances, and other electronics, they also have a nice selection to rent lap top computers. They claim on their site that they will match any competitor’s price and delivery/setup has no extra charge. Rent-A-Center’s name brand laptops will keep you productive and entertained when you’re on the go.



rent lap top computers

Rentacomputer offers tons of different types of laptops for rental. You can select the processor, operating system, and even rent laptops based on battery life. They offer all the major brands, including Apple, Dell, HP, IBM, and Sony, and they deliver to over 1,000 cities.

Rent Our Laptops

rent a laptop

Rent Our Laptops has your business needs in mind as they claim to have a large selection of laptops for training classes, traveling executives, sales presentations, trade shows, conventions, and conferences. Rentals are delivered and picked up in 1,000 cities worldwide and software can be pre-loaded and custom configured on up to 1,000 notebooks.


rent a laptop

Rentex offers laptop rentals at the “guaranteed lowest rates available”. Laptops are shipped overnight and nationwide, and they offer name brands like IBM, Apple, Toshiba, Dell, Lenovo, and HP. Their warehouse contains over 4,700 laptops and you can rent as many at a time as you wish.

Smart Source

rent a laptop

Smart Source Computer and Audio Visual Rentals will work with you to get the laptop that suits your needs. They have clients who rent laptops for disaster recovery, trade shows and conventions, employee training, and other business uses. They configure laptops to meet your needs and can get it delivered to you the same business day or the day after.

You can rent lap top computers for the whole office for a week or two before buying them to make sure they are going to fit your needs. They also allow you to mix and match brands so you can compare performance.


Renting a laptop can have its advantages. If you are simply looking to fill a business need or something has come up on short notice, you can rent a computer to get the job done. If you’re simply looking to buy a laptop and you want to test it out first, a laptop rental can help you as well.

What do you think of the sites provided? Will you be renting a laptop in the near future? I would love to hear your thoughts, ideas, and concerns in the comment section below.

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