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job interview tipsAh, the dreaded job interview. We all know that you need to be prepared, but how exactly do you get yourself ready for it? Moreover, what kind of questions should you be expecting? Do you know how to answer them all?

All of this and a lot more can contribute to the whole job interview experience becoming particularly stressful, but that’s where the Web can come in handy to make the process a little less nerve-racking. There are tons of great resources available online with job interview tips to help you have a successful job interview.

Here’s the top 5 sites to help you ace your job interview.


Yahoo HotJobs’ Career Tools has an entire section dedicated to just preparing yourself for the all important job interview. You’ll find a whole flurry of well-written articles with job interview tips covering every aspect of the interviewing process, so it really makes for great material to review before any interview.

job interview questions


All of the articles are organized into different categories. The first category features everything you need to know about preparation. Types of interviews is the next category, which has strategies on how to handle the interview itself, including questions and answers. The presentation category has helpful information about how to present yourself, followed by articles on what you should do after the interview.


The interviews and employment page at About is also chock full of articles to help you with every step of the job interview. The questions and answers guide is a good place to start, with articles on what kind of questions you may encounter and the recommended answers.

job interview tips

Additional articles include information about phone interview etiquette, what to wear, thank you letters, interview follow up, mistakes to avoid, and more. Be sure to also check out the website’s helpful job interview videos.


The employment website Monster has some of the most comprehensive interviewing resources on the Web. It’s all divided into four sections with job interview tips: interview preparation, questions, appearance, and follow up.

job interview questions

There’s over a hundred useful articles to check out. Just click on the “Browse All Articles” link for the full listings, sorted by its rating. As for the articles themselves, they’re written by Monster’s own job experts and are all very straightforward, so it’s a good idea to read up on them for invaluable information.

Job Interview Questions

Job Interview Questions is another great resource that offers help and advice for the entire interviewing process, not just questions and answers.

job interview questions

The left-hand side of the website displays links to all the sections you want as the job seeker, including interview questions, follow up, salary negotiation, and more. Be sure to also check out the articles on the job interview tips page and the interview guide for more unique topics, such as interviewing during a meal and questions for you to ask.


job interview tips

For some watching rather than reading, just turn to YouTube. The site has a great collection of videos all about job interviews, so it’s definitely another effective resource to improve your interviewing skills. Just search for “job interview tips” or job interview techniques.”

What are some of your favorite sites with job interview tips to help you ace a job interview? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. John Stuart
    July 7, 2010 at 9:34 am

    Really like the idea of using Youtube for job interview tips. Thanks for the article.