Top 5 Sites for PSP Game Demo Downloads

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I love my PSP ““ play it daily, so I do. One thing I’ve always thought since I started my PSP addiction has been that it must be difficult to develop games for the PSP platform because the games either seem to be great and gather a following of thousands of people or just disappear into the abyss because they sucked – there’s little or no in between. As such, when you stand in the shop hmm-ing and haa-ing at a shelf full of games, there’s a 50:50 chance you’re about to waste $35.

So try the demo first by getting free PSP game demo downloads! But where to get them? The PlayStation network has slim pickings and even at that there is the whole sign up process, software requirements and unnecessary annoyances that come with “˜official’ sites. So, here is my top 5 list of PSP game demo download sites.

psp game demo downloads

The name says it all really – PSP demos for the cost of a hug. When you first load the site you’ll see all the latest demos that have been uploaded. There are also categories such as “˜Action’ and “˜Adventure’. You can browse the categories until you find a game you like or simply search for a game you’re interested in by using the search bar.

When you find a game that you like, click on the title. The description as well as some images will be displayed. There will also be a download link for a .zip file. Download this file and transfer it to your PSP (see below on transferring the games to your PSP).

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This site offers much the same type of download service but focuses more on smaller, unrecognized games, older games ported to PSP and foreign games. For MUO gamers who are interested in discovering games that are exotic, cool and free then PSP Blender Blog would be a highly recommended site.

The interface is a little basic but then, so is the download procedure. When you’re on the download page, which is here, click on the file name under the picture. This will bring you to a download site where all you have to do is click the download button to get the PSP game demo download.

Again, this site offers demos from all over the globe but most are more mainstream titles that you’d hear about. At the time of writing this article, they had a total of 99 PSP demos; a collection which is updated regularly. When you first enter the site, click “˜Downloads’ along the top of the screen. Then click the “˜Demos’ icon. This will bring you to the list of demos, a section of which can be seen in the screenshot.psp game demo downloads

When a demo catches your eye, click it. Under the description which loads, click the download link and save the file, ready to be transferred.

You have probably recognised the URL to be a BlogSpot URL – a free blog hosting company owned by Google. This site is run by a PSP fan who wanted to make PSP demos readily available. It has a good user rate with almost 60 subscribers. When I visited, there was almost ten other users on there with me.

Down the right hand side there is a list of games, with the centre “˜post’ section used to display new additions and advertisements.

When you click on the title of the demo you’re brought to a download page to complete the download. This is a good site with load of popular names such as “˜Socom’, “˜Worms’ and “˜Lego Batman’.

When you first go to the site, or more specifically the PSP demo pagepsp game demo downloads which is located here, you’ll see the featured downloads such as those in the screenshot. Then below these there is a long list of popular titles. This site definitely has the most mainstream titles for the PSP such as Metal Gear Solid and Wipeout.

Once again, simply click on the title to begin the download.

Tip: For information on transferring files onto your PSP from your PC, read Simon’s article, How to Transfer Music from PC to Your PSP. Make sure to put the demos in the games folder instead of music.

OR, you can use your PSP’s browser to download the files directly. Click here for more details on that.

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