The Top 5 iPhone Applications For Killing Time

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If you ever need to travel long distance or you have to constantly wait around killing time then here are my five favorite free iPhone apps to help make that time go a little bit faster.

iMob Online

When I’m hanging around waiting for something this is probably one of the first apps I would open. It is an RPG based game for the iPhone where you play a mobster. In iMob the goal is to get as many mobsters to join your mob and earn as much cash as you can by completing missions and purchasing property within the game.

It is also possible to fight with other people and by doing this you can also earn money and game experience. When you reach the required experience for a level you will be able to upgrade your stats.

The creators of iMob have recently released another game called iVampires which has a similar concept as iMob but instead of being a mobster you are a vampire.

Space DeadBeef

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This game is a side scrolling shooter game where you control a space ship and fire at oncoming enemies. The game never ends once you get to the end of a level the enemies will just carry on coming faster. At the end of each level you will have to fight a boss and the boss gets harder as the game progresses.

Super Monkey Ball Lite

Even though this is a Lite version of Super Monkey Ball I still find it very fun to play. The lite version only has 4 levels so once you complete these 4 levels, buy it!  It’s cheap like most iPhone apps and will cost less than a meal.

iCopter Classic

iCopter Classic is a remake of the hugely popular flash game Helicopter Game for the iPhone that has been around a few years. The first time I played this game I was hooked and couldn’t put it down. Its a great game and helps kill the boredom of waiting around.

Touch Hockey: FS5

There are two version of this game the free version and the paid version. The only difference being that there is an advert that loads up in between games. But besides that the games are exactly the same.

Touch Hockey is a great game for playing with a friend and you can change a lot within the game such as goal size and the score to get to for the player to win. The developers of this game create a whole bunch of great games for the iPhone such as Tic-Tac-Touch, Touch4 and Touch Tennis.

Let us know what your favorite app for the iPhone is. My favorite game out of these to kill time would have to be Touch Hockey because its great fun if you are playing it with a friend.

Post a comment below and tell us what your favorite game or app for the iPhone is for killing time.

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