Top 5 Internet TV Players + TV freebies

Here you go, a quick internet TV round-up: Top Internet TV players for your desktop, major directories to watch popular TV content for FREE, and a bunch of websites to stream live TV channels.

(1) Internet TV Players

Joost (

joost   Top 5 Internet TV Players + TV freebies

Over 100 high-definition TV shows (Comedy central, Punk’d, Super Cars, Nat geo, etc.) and channels from various categories (Cartoons, Film, Comedy, Music, Documentary, Entertainment, Sports, and Liefstyle). More Joost screenshots [NO LONGER WORKS] here.

Zattoo (

zattoo   Top 5 Internet TV Players + TV freebies

Zattoo provides excellent picture quality and viewing experience. Service is mainly focused on European channels and offers almost 50 live TV channels (some channels are limited to particular geographical locations.)

Babelgum (

babelgum   Top 5 Internet TV Players + TV freebies

Babelgum provides a nice easy-to use TV player but unfortunately doesn’t have much channels to choose from. I used it for some time initially but switched to Joost right after I got my invite, and haven’t checked it since. When it comes to Internet TV the amount of available programs service has to offer is definitely the most important factor.

Miro (

miro   Top 5 Internet TV Players + TV freebies

Miro (formerly Democray Player) is very different from the tools mentioned above. It’s all-in-one player that lets you navigate though and subscribe to over 1500 web shows, vlogs or podacsts. Additionally, Miro can be used as: BitTorent client, Video downloader (Youtube, Google Video, DailyMotion, etc.), and video player (Quicktime, WMV, MPEG, XVid, AVI, etc.). Check out video screencast here.

VeohTV (

myveoh   Top 5 Internet TV Players + TV freebies

VeohTV lets you watch and record Internet video from thousands of video sources, incl. Yotube, GoogleVideo and Myspace. You can also enjoy certain full-length episodes from traditional TV channels i.e. ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, etc. Search for channels, browse channels by category, record favorite episodes, add desired channels to favorites, and more. Check out full channel list here.

TV Channel Directories

There are dozens of websites that aggregate, categorize and rate TV channels. In most cases, users can stream traditional TV channels (CNN, BBC, ABC, ESPN and lots more) without leaving the website. I have written and compared web TV channel directories before so I’ll just list them here.

Enjoy and share!

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It’s the first time i heard of those programs, thanks for the post.



What about TVTonic?



I decided not to list it, and below is why:

Note: Internet Explorer is required to activate and use TVTonic.



excellent guide, keep up the good work.



Great online Tv player



i like watch the online tv but my conection speed is too low



yea, I think you need at least 500 kbps connection to be able to watch TV online.





TVlinks is back up



Mytvonline is one of my favorite, update new channels daily
try it ^_^ http;//





thanks, typos corrected!

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