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free iphone appsNow that we’ve started a new year, you probably have a lot of lofty goals set for yourself. That’s good, you’ve taken some initiative this year. Depending on what those goals are, however, you may need some help to see them through.

Whether you’re looking to get in better shape physically (or mentally), straighten out your finances, learn a new skill, or just manage your time better, you know the saying — there’s an app for that.

In this article, I’m going to give you 5 free iPhone apps that I think will help you keep those goals of yours on track. I’ve chosen them from five different categories: health, finance, relationships, time management, and knowledge. Best of luck to you in the new year!

1. Health: Lose It!

free iphone apps

Every year, millions of people create weight-loss goals for themselves or set other means to get healthy. Gym memberships skyrocket in the month of January, and then what happens? Within a month or two, the majority of people have already given up. FAIL.


Is that going to be you this year? No, because you have technology on your side. Apps like Lose It! help you count your calories and set/follow goals for yourself. I happen to know as a fact that it takes 21 straight days of doing something to turn it into a habit. With this app, you can get there by establishing a calorie budget and staying on track each day by recording your food intake and exercise output.

According to the makers of the app, more than 85% of their active users have lost weight.

I also think you should check out the DailyBurn app, which compliments the social fitness site 3 Fitness Sites That Make Use of Social Features 3 Fitness Sites That Make Use of Social Features Read More , and RunKeeper Pro.

2. Finance: Pageonce Bills

best free iphone apps

Maybe one of your goals was to finally get your finances in order this year. Saving money is much easier if you know where it’s going, and if you keep better track of your bills and due dates, you can save on late fees.

Pageonce Bills gives you a fast and easy way to keep track of all your bills in one organized place. You can use it to view detailed bill statements, get reminders, see how you spend your money, and track payments over time. Once you set it up, all of your detailed bill statements automatically push to your iPhone.

If you’re really into money management, check out some of the other great money-related apps 5 Great Apps That Let You Send, Track, Manage & Do More With Your Money 5 Great Apps That Let You Send, Track, Manage & Do More With Your Money Read More I’ve written about.

3. Relationships: Boxcar

best free iphone apps

One goal that I think gets overlooked on a lot of people’s lists is keeping in better touch with others. Time goes by fast, and while all your friends and acquaintances may have profiles on sites like Facebook and Twitter, you still don’t want to lose touch with those people.

Boxcar allows you to manage your relationships on all the social sites you belong to more easily. This app will send you push notifications anytime you receive a message, mention, retweet, or anything else. It works with Twitter, Facebook, email, RSS, Growl, Github, Google Voice, Google Buzz, and more.

You can use it as a central inbox for all of your notifications. Once you’re on top of all your incoming messages, start re-connecting with people and sending some of your own!

4. Time Management: wunderlist Task Manager

best free iphone apps

We all have goals to get more organized, do more with our time, or just be more productive. This app will help you do all of those things if you use it properly. As a task management tool, wunderlist helps you organize your to-do lists and synchronize them with your desktop.

Add tasks and notes, set due dates, and get badge notifications about how many tasks are due today and how many are overdue. Put an end to your procrastination this year and save time for the rest of your resolutions.

Another great app that’s similar is Do it (Tomorrow).

5. Knowledge: Howcast

free iphone apps

For just about everything else, there’s Howcast for iPhone. This app shows you fun, useful how-to videos on a wide variety of topics, so if you have a really specific goal on your list, like “learn to moonwalk” or “become a bartender”, you can probably start here.

With Howcast for iPhone you can search for a specific how-to video, shake your phone to get a random one, save videos to your favorites, and look at the history of those you’ve recently watched.

For assistance with this, you should also check out the wikiHow app. If your goal for this year was to increase your general knowledge, Wikipanion is a good place to start as well.


If you are looking for some general resources to go along with the iPhone apps I’ve given you, definitely check out Angela’s article on Best Tools To Help You With The Top 10 New Year’s Resolutions Best Tools to Help You With the Top 10 New Year's Resolutions Best Tools to Help You With the Top 10 New Year's Resolutions Read More . There’s a ton of good stuff there for you as well.

What are your goals for the new year? Have you been keeping your resolutions so far?

Image Credit: Sugar Daze

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