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free games for blackberrySo you have a Blackberry and you have all sorts of time to kill and no games. What do you do? Well seeing you are a MakeUseOf reader, you are probably looking for free content! I have chosen 5 popular and highly rated free blackberry games from the BlackBerry App World Store.

If you do not know if the application is compatible with your particular Blackberry you can simply click through to the download page. On the right hand side, if you scroll down a little, there will be Supported Devices, Countries and Carriers (most of them are for carrier!)

The first application up is free for only a limited time and is called Ka-Glom. Ka-Glom is one of many games that evolved from Tetris and that Mario game that kind of resembled Tetris. Your goal here is to match up falling objects of a specific color to other objects that are the same color. Match three or more and they will go Ka-Glom and you get the points.

The way it stands out from other similar free blackberry games is that it also has blobs that fall. And when enough blobs are on top of one another they will go kabloooie! They will also take any objects that are directly next to them with it!

This one is worth hours of fun. Grab it white it is still free from this URL.

free blackberry games


Next up is a little tidbit called Vegas Pool Shark Lite. Here you are in Vegas hustling (or getting hustled) playing pool. You can line up your shots and make your high school physics teacher proud. There are four different opponents, three game types, full 3D viewing and for the beginners there is Shooting Assistance. In this free version we are able to score up to three points and then you can start again – still very cool for a free time waster.

The download link is available here.

free blackberry games

Pixilated is highly addictive and probably my favorite out of the bunch. The object of Pixilated is to make the entire screen (which is made up of colored pixels hence the name) one solid color. It takes some getting used to so you can get the hang of it. But once you do watch out – because you will not let your spouse pull you away from it . Or maybe that is just me! The link to download it is here.

free blackberry games

Next up is another puzzle type game called Cube Touch which can also be addictive. It is a clone of Bejeweled which I am sure you all know.You have to match 3 or more colored “cubes” up and down or across. The same rules apply which you can see below:

Here is the URL to grab this one.

free games for blackberry

And last but certainly not least, Sudoku Puzzles Lite will keep you busy for hours. The popular word game is now on your Blackberry for free. And with it comes 10 puzzles at each difficulty level, timer, save feature, clear all feature and much more. The only difference that I saw between the lite and full version is the amount of puzzles included. The full version has 100 games for each difficulty level. But this should be good enough to keep you going for some time.  Grab it from here.

free games for blackberry

What free Blackberry games do you have installed on your Blackberry?  Let us know all your hidden classics in the comments below.

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  1. Jonathan Bennett
    March 16, 2010 at 9:55 am

    Pixelated looks interesting. Makes my eyes feel funny when I look at that screenshot though. :D