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Waiting to pick someone up at an airport can be a harrowing experience. With flight delays and the multitude of problems that can happen to delay (or advance) a flight, it can be extremely valuable to know exactly where your friend, colleague or loved one is.

Here are a few websites which can make tracking flight information easy, if not downright fun and interesting!


This website mother of all airline tracking websites.

Track Airline Flights with FBOWeb

Not only does it show the usual information: departure time, estimated arrival time, progress bar, and automatically updating map; but it also integrates in nicely with Google Earth!



This map updates in real time, and has the airline flight’s location and altitude coordinates.

As an added bonus, this website includes links that would satisfy any airplane nerd’s fantasies. Air Traffic Control (ATC) live audio feeds are a click away.



A close second is This site includes a ton of information about flight tracking and other travel information like airport delays and travel tips.

Another cool thing that has are widgets, facebook applications, and RSS feeds for airport delays.



This service includes brightly colored maps as well as automatically updated information on scheduled and estimated arrival times.


Although this site is more bare-bones than some of the rest, it includes all of the required information in an easy to read format. It also has links to airport information which could come in handy for amateur pilots or other airport junkies.



Besides taking the booby prize for their domain name, this site also includes the basic information you need. It might be good if you are using a mobile browser to track a flight or if you are at the airport and need the down and dirty information on the flight you are waiting on.

BONUS: Google

Typing the airline and flight number as a google search gives you one of those information boxes at the top of the search results page.

google flight information

Hopefully the above sites will satisfy your itch for airline flight status information!

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