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free printable postersWhen you’re one Picasso short, the second most obvious decorating choice are regular posters. With little effort, they allow you to define your room (or house) and give it character. Put them in a frame, and it looks as classy as a painting.

We’ve talked about printing posters in the past, even reviewed multiple applications, like PosteRazor PosteRazor - Another Simple Tool To Make Your Own Posters PosteRazor - Another Simple Tool To Make Your Own Posters Read More or Rasterbator HowTo: Free and Huge custom poster for your wall HowTo: Free and Huge custom poster for your wall Read More , that can help you cut bigger posters up, and piece them together with regular-sized paper.

Somehow we skipped the first installment; where to find suitable posters for printing? Google’s a good guess, but read on for MakeUseOf’s top 4 sites to find free printable posters.

Movie Poster Archive

Practically everyone has had a movie poster brandish his wall at some point in his life. I have trouble believing anyone who denies the fact. Apart from being often beautifully designed, movie posters carry a vibe and history that’s unknown to most other formats.

free printable posters


Movie Poster Archive is, without doubt, the number one source for free printable movie posters. They offer an impressive selection of current and vintage movie posters. Admittedly, at 586 pixels width, these posters won’t soon pass a close-up inspection, but works perfectly fine for personal use.


The second type of poster – closing in fast behind movie posters – are typographical. Typography is the art of arranging typefaces in an eye-pleasing manner. This site pulls in these typographic posters from 408 different directories, at the time of writing. Depending on the artist, this might be from a Portuguese anti-smoking campaign, or a Canadian festival line-up.

free printable posters

No matter the concept, every single one proves to be an interesting work of art. You can browse the site in large or small raster views, or by category. If you know what you’re looking for, you can also use the built-in search pane. At about 910 pixels width, these posters are also of better printing quality.

[NO LONGER WORKS] Poster-Street

Poster-Street is a very interesting site that offers free printable posters for every occasion; be it for work, school, or your home. The posters you find on Poster-Street are aimed at witty one-liners and entertaining compositions, but aren’t of the same visual quality as said posters above. Nevertheless, it offers a good source for decorating posters and conversation-starters.

free posters

The resolution of these posters also far precedes most other online poster alternatives. In fact, most of the posters are vectored PDFs, and can be printed as large as you want, in crisp quality.


This last site couldn’t be left out from a nerdy poster line-up. On TechPosters.NET, you’ll find a variety of nerdy posters to sire your wall. These range from simple sheet-cheats, to infographs, and witty internet ads. If you’re a fervent internet user or tech enthusiast, you’ll be delighted by the posters offered on this site.

free posters

The resolution is highly dependent on the poster in question, because they’re pulled in from all over the web. In general, it’ll usually be between 500 and 1000 pixels wide, much like the other infographs you’ll see online.

Do you have any other tips for finding free printable posters? Let us know in the comments section below!

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