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download music without wordsDo you love singing? Are you alive when you’ve got a microphone in your hand? Or are you not so sure and want to practice singing karaoke tunes a little by yourself in private before you go too public?

If you love karaoke as much as I do, you’re probably wishing you knew a few good places to download the music without words so you can sing your favourite tracks whenever you like. Well, today we’ve found a few great places to sing along to these karaoke tracks for free.

EZ Tracks

EZ tracks has a huge selection of free karaoke pop music including tracks from Celine Dion to Avril Lavigne. You can browse from various categories, such as reggae, christmas or jazz. There’s also a top 100 karaoke track listing for you to view the most popular songs. Every track in the collection is free to download and can be done so without fuss or membership.

music without words

Karaoke Version

Karaoke Version is a site filled with karaoke pieces. There’s a large free section featuring many traditional and retro songs, some of which are more recently popularised. Browse through categories of kids songs, blues and soft rock to find your favourite music. The tracks are all free to download, easy to browse and ready to use. You can even find tracks in French, Spanish and German.


Now, for those of you who prefer to sing socially, there’s a couple of great online karaoke sites you need to know about.

free music without words

Karaoke Party

Karaoke Party is a fun, free way to sing karaoke with your friends online from the comfort of your own home. You can start by testing yourself privately and practising until you perfect your score. The software grades your performance and gives immediate feedback as you’re singing so you know which parts you sing well and which bits you need to work on.

free music without words

Later, when you’re feeling up to the challenge you can compete with your friends. You can do this from your own homes or you can turn on party mode for an all-night battle with friends in the same room. High scores are tallied during the night, so you just sing and let the website do the work. Fun for everyone!

free music without words

Sing Snap

Sing Snap is an online karaoke competition, which combines great music with great community. Browse by genre or by what’s hot, then get singing. You can record your efforts as you go and leave them available to be rated by other members. You can also save those recordings to your hard drive and upload them to YouTube to share with your other friends.

music without words

More Free Music

If you love finding free music online, here’s some more great articles you should read.

If you know of some other great karaoke sites where you can practice or download free music without words, let us know in the comments!

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